Friday, July 19, 2013

Letter #2 MTC

The MTC is like prison. Only a really spiritual prison where you are forced to wear skirts and learn a different language. I have one week down and 8 1/2 to go. Thinking about it honestly makes me want to vomit. All Asian languags stay for nine weeks and the longest anyone can stay is twelve, but that is only if you are learning two languages, and that is for missionaries serving in like Fiji or something.Korean is so hard. But somehow in the strangest way everyone had been blessed with gift of tongues (.....some more than others....) When our teacher speaks to us in Korean we know what he's saying. Please tell me what kind of place OTHER than a mission you can get 40,000 19 year olds to be able to understand an entirely different language in one week. It blows my mind.
Our teacher spoke English to us for the first time this week and we nearly died. Like somehow in our ignorant minds we had decided that this scrawny red headed American boy only spoke Korean. We all nearly peed our pants when we found out this wasn't true. GUYS, OUR TEACHER SPEAKS ENGLISH. Its incredible.
We are beginning to get into our 6 hour class schedule. In the MTC, we have absolutely no awareness of time. It is the most bizarre thing. We have no clue how many meals we have eaten. Or how many hours we have been in class. We don't even know what language people are speaking half of the time, I kid you not. Yesterday my district and I were all watching a Mormom message-
Elder W- Guys, what language is this in?
......15 seconds later
There is no in between blissfully happy and miserably depressed at the MTC. Everything is heightened and extreme. My companion and I were walking from the bookstore yesterday and started laughing about something. Somehow that laugh turned into tears and then I was just standing there crying. My companion is the sweetest person in the world and pulled me aside and hugged the crap out of me.
...I dont even know why I was crying. The MTC does weird things to you.
Speaking of crying, EVERYONE CRIES AT THE MTC. Yesterday AND Monday someone cried during our lesson.
......and it was an Elder.
Things got super weird super fast and the next thing you know we have an angry Elder who was refusing to participate in the lesson. I asked the teacher if we could have a break and he goes, "Sister, are you Ok?"
... The same thing happened yesterday,
When people say that missions are hard that is an understatement. EVERY aspect of it is hard. Thank goodness my companion and I get along because if I didnt have her I would go nuts.
Plus she liked Regina Spektor so we automatically are BFFs.
The MTC turns you into old people. At 5 we are ready for dinner and at 8 we are totally and eternally over with anything that has to do with being awake. I AM TIRED ALL THE TIME. Welcome back from class at 9:30 and pass out. (Except for the fact that our roommates stay up till midnight studying. MY COMPANION AND I WANNA KILL EM. But we wont. We will save that topic for another day) I fall asleep during study and our TALL computer time. Its the most boring thing of my life and everytime we have to do it I want to stab my eyeballs out with a fork. I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO SAY HELLO IN KOREAN, I DONT NEED TO LISTEN TO A KOREAN PERSON SAY IT FIFTY TIMES.
We got language probs. For the most part, my companion and I pick it up faster than anyone in our district but we make the funniest mistakes. During a lesson with our investigator my companion said "Heavenly Garlic" instead of Heavenly Father and then I accidentally told him that he will get baptized WEEKLY instead of next week.
Also, a random Elder held the door open for me in the cafeteria and I meant to say THANK YOU in Korean but I accidentally said I LOVE YOU.
You really dont have to speak the language perfectly to communicate this message with people. Once you stop obsessing over getting everything perfect, then everything falls into place. And Holy Crap I can speak Korean.
(A little. But still.)
Everytime we get frustrated with the language my teacher told us to scream out loud I SPEAK KOREAN (In Korean) It is the funniest thing in the world and we die everytime he makes my district do it.
There is a game all the Elders play at lunch. We all sit in K Town (All the Korean missioanries) and the Elders gather all the salt shakers and push them back and forth to each other. When they reach the edge without falling off the other Elder has to eat a shake of salt. Everytime it happens they add another shake. They play to TEN. I dont know if its just because we are so bored of language class, but there seriously is nothing funnier than watching an Elder almost vomit from eating 10 shakes of salt.
.......and this is what being a missionary does to you.
There is an Elder in my Zone that has an incredible story. His girlfried died in a car accident two weeks ago. ( He got here last week) He wasnt going to come on his mission but his family persuaded him to. I cant imagine how much pain he must be feeling right now but I can testify to you that, that kids faith moves mountains. He is one of the happiest people I have ever met and HE KNOWS that God will take care of him if he serves a mission with a full heart. Everyone I meet here is amazing.
This whole thing is amazing. I hate it and love it.
1 Week Down, 8 1/2 to go.
XO Sister Pappa


 I can pray in Korean! I can also read. Its actually pretty easy.

 My companions Mom sent these DARK CHOCOALTE COVERED COCONUT ALMONDS. Basically my 3 favorite things. I died when they were finished

My dearest companion, Sista Arvanitas. She is such an angel, seriously

Reading the scriptures in Korean EXHAUSTING. But I can read pretty well now. Practice is worth it

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