Monday, October 20, 2014

september 7.

Hello Family! (and friends.)

Happy Choosuk! Its Korean Thanksgiving today so not a soul is walking the streets. Sister Lyon and I feel like we are on the set of I am Legend.

This week was super busy. I took a buttload of pictures because they can tell the stories better than I.
I love you alll!

this less active member invited us over for dinner this week. It was a total miracle. This is her cute daughter.
 Went on a plit with Sister Son. We spoke in Korean the whole time. (When that happens I learn so many new things. This weeks useful learned phrases- "Your naked!" and.. wedgie. It literally translates to "my butt ate my pants.' hahahahahahah. ok, getting sidetracked. this BABY. is the jeonju wards bishops baby. she has a little twin. #twicethecuteness. LOVE THIS BABY.
 Elder Merdoch (greenie in the back with the combover.) turned 19. yaaaaaaaaaaay!
 holla from joonang sisters.
 everybody, DO you SEE THIS?!!?!? The leaves are changing. = Happy Kelsey.
 We colored a picture for a little girl that we visited in the hospital this week. We are angels.
had to renew my visa. and this crazy thing happened where sister arvanitas had to do it too but she forgot her passport and came all the way to jeonju without tellign anyone so she called in our appointment and told me she was lost in my area. (that was a horrible sentence.) so we spend like 3 hours at the immigration office and guess who got their visa renewed and guess who didnt? (refer to facial expressions.) 2 days later i was given permission to stay in the country. phew.
 joonang building.
 it rains. all the time.
 we took hipster pictures in puddles. sister lyons idea. #genius.
 Sometimes I cant get pictures of things so I just draw them in my journal. My tongue got stuck to a popsicle SO BADLY on Saturday when we were getting ice cream with the Elders. My lip was bleeding afterwards.
 My old investigator on her wedding day like forever ago. We made Thanksgiving food with her yesterday. She is so beautiful.

august 31.

Hi everyone!
I had a cold this week. It started on Tuesday and it was horrible. I gave it to every member of the Joonang missionaries except for E. Kunzler and E. Ahn but they are sick with some horrible stomach problems. I have never seen men lose weight so quickly. Im on Day 6 of being sick, but Friday I finally gave in and took some Dayquil. Being sick and doing missionary work is no fun!
Moving on....
we got dropped by our ONLY investigator this week. I actually cried in front of her. Notbecause we werent going to have anybody to teach, but just because she is missing out on something that would help her SO much. It made my heart ache.
Total Investigators: 0.
This week we did another Mini MTC in our ward. Sister Lyon and I taught the Plan of Salvation class. It went pretty well. I think for the most part all of us are just really relieved that its all over with. We sang 'Come Thou Fount' as a special musical number and I grew to love the words so much. They are beautiful.
Yesterday we went to visit basically mu favorite family in the ward. They live out in Shinri and they have 3 adorable children. When we visited we ate dinner and ended up accidentally talking for two hours (whoops. that not allowed.) I realized that it was so natural, just sitting there, eating apples and talking and laughing that time just flew! I think I can pinpoint that as the best member visit Ive ever had. At the end we shared this video with them, that I think Sister Lyon and I shared with about 10 families this week. It is my favorite.
I love you all. I got a bunch of really not uplifting emails this week, so I hope that everyone is Ok. Maybe Im just having a weird day....
Love you all!!!
Sister Kelsey Pappa

1. I finished the project for President! Not my favorite, but this is the way that it turned out.2. " "

WE got frozen hot chocolate one day. it was so good.
 Knocked some doors.....
This picture is so awkward. I wasnt sure how to stand.
Sick food- Curry that my Ward Mission Leader had his wife make for me. HOmeade Hot Chocolate from Sister Lyon's Mama. Amy Jones' sicky medicine.
 We love taking pictures with this member because she is always SO happy. Her husband is always really really sick, and she is so lonely, but LOVES the missionaries and literally always has a smile on her face. She is such an example to me. She called her daughters in America to ask how to make spaghetti and she made it for us. It was so cute.
 I finished the project for President! Not my favorite, but this is the way that it turned out


thats the title of my email this week.
referring an area that you love and hold close to your heart to another missionary is enough to make me rip my hair out. HOW do you teach it all?? im doing all the teaching. member contacting. planning. recording. blah blah blah blah.
presidnet shin has me workign on a drawing project.
and i have to design the new english class poster (the last one was horirble.)
and i have to make the missionary info section for the bulletin board.
a crazy week left me with not many pictures taken. sorry!
happenings of the week--
. we made a crossword puzle in korean for our ward mission leader. has anyone ever tried to make a crossword puzzle in a foreign language? its insanely difficult. we put so many hours into that.
. i roled played with a greenie at comvined district meeting this week. i cant believe how little he didnt know. <that sounds really mean. it just made me realize that we come so far and dont even realize it.
. sister lyon and i knocked doors this week and a naked guy just walked out of the bathroom right in front of two innocent american girls trying to preach the good word. sister lyon is scarred for life.
. we had lunch with sister kings parents. it was the weirdest thing. i didnt even know how to talk to them. they were so nice. and so unaccustomed to korea. it was strange seeing what they thought was differtn- things we dont even notice anymore.
. i like kimchi now. it started like two transfers ago and i forgot to tell you guys. ive heard from other missionaries that in the end you evenetually relaly like it and its true. yesterday i ate it with my breakfast without anyone there to see me. it was delicious.
cort- i loved the email that you sent me. and i also got your surprise package. i loved it so much. everything i own smells like herbs now. i wear the braceelt a lot too. so pretty :) i think of you guys all the time. its ok if you dont write a lot, i need to be better too. i know we still lvoe each other. keep me u[date on the kids. even if i dont reply to all of your words i promise i read them and cherish them.
mom- got my package. im spoiled out of my mind. my wardrobe just got like a million times better. thank you for always send me good stuff. i totally forgot the graham crackers were a thing. im saving them. i love you i love you i love you.
sister kelsey are pappa

boooooooooooo i cant send pictures this time. i dont know why its not letting me. just imagine my face in your heart :) love you all

wth. robin williams died.

the title of this email is really important. WHAT. THE. HECK. EVERYBODY. somebody give me more details. i am so sad. but also i found three clif bars when i was cleaning out the kitchen cupboard this morning so i am so happy.
cort- your pics made me squeal with joy. i loved them so much. i saved them and will print them today. i am so happy.
kassey took all my email time, so you can blame her if this email is really rished and lame. also i sent a  pretty lengthy email to president this week. he is having me work on a special drawing project for him. im so excited that he trusts me to do that.
KIMMIYONG came to church! I practically flipped when she told me and i almsot cried. i felt such joy.
prime line from my journal that describes this week perfectly-
'ChoiHyeJung called me tonight to tell me bye and she loved me before we left. I felt only love towrds her, and was so happy that she thought of me. That night all the sister in the apartment stayed up late talking about BYU and i layed in the dark in my bed and just thought about ChoiHyeJung and my other companions and how crazy my mission has been. It is all so personal- so much has gone unspoken and unwritten- no one but God will ever completely inderstand the things that i have gone through on my mission. This experience is joyful and happy and sad and hard and heartbreaking and indescribable."
Sister Lyon is a sweetheart. She doesnt say too much and the language is a little bit of a struggle for her, but she is so wonderful and genuine. She has such a big heart! I am lucky to serve alongside her.
picture overload time-

went bowling this p day. sister collyer and i were a wonderful team. our scores? 38 and 68. can we get an applause? all time low.

sister son has problems staying in her own bed at night. so we made her a sticker chart. the reward- special treat from sister pappa.

junjoo district.

 riding in hwangjisuns audi through the countryside.
 rice field. 
these twins love us. i now have a beautiful pencil case they gave sister king and i as gifts. AH. ADORABLE.

us. again.
soobin i!

this is the scariest picture in the world.

kimmiyoung has this ugly little dog that makes this face. elder holt can do it perfectly.
me and choi. i look like hermione granger.

sister lyon!

let yayjin take my camera in the pool at the eard picnic. (what. was i thinking. i cant wait to swim with it....)the ward picnic was so fun. i played ultimate frisbee and barefoot soccer. it was so fun. i have really learned to love sports on my mission. (although e. holt is always bugging me to be more agressive.) elder kunzler got hit with the ball straight in his crotch. totally unneccessary comment, but it was funny nonetheless.

ice cream with uijoo. awwwww wi wish you could see her face, she is a doll.

 lets take into account two things- this short makes me look enormously chubby. its only an illusion. thing two- this korean woman is SOOOO little. we visited her last night and peeled some vegetabley things. i was really happy with how much i could communicate with her. shes hilarious.