Monday, October 20, 2014

september 7.

Hello Family! (and friends.)

Happy Choosuk! Its Korean Thanksgiving today so not a soul is walking the streets. Sister Lyon and I feel like we are on the set of I am Legend.

This week was super busy. I took a buttload of pictures because they can tell the stories better than I.
I love you alll!

this less active member invited us over for dinner this week. It was a total miracle. This is her cute daughter.
 Went on a plit with Sister Son. We spoke in Korean the whole time. (When that happens I learn so many new things. This weeks useful learned phrases- "Your naked!" and.. wedgie. It literally translates to "my butt ate my pants.' hahahahahahah. ok, getting sidetracked. this BABY. is the jeonju wards bishops baby. she has a little twin. #twicethecuteness. LOVE THIS BABY.
 Elder Merdoch (greenie in the back with the combover.) turned 19. yaaaaaaaaaaay!
 holla from joonang sisters.
 everybody, DO you SEE THIS?!!?!? The leaves are changing. = Happy Kelsey.
 We colored a picture for a little girl that we visited in the hospital this week. We are angels.
had to renew my visa. and this crazy thing happened where sister arvanitas had to do it too but she forgot her passport and came all the way to jeonju without tellign anyone so she called in our appointment and told me she was lost in my area. (that was a horrible sentence.) so we spend like 3 hours at the immigration office and guess who got their visa renewed and guess who didnt? (refer to facial expressions.) 2 days later i was given permission to stay in the country. phew.
 joonang building.
 it rains. all the time.
 we took hipster pictures in puddles. sister lyons idea. #genius.
 Sometimes I cant get pictures of things so I just draw them in my journal. My tongue got stuck to a popsicle SO BADLY on Saturday when we were getting ice cream with the Elders. My lip was bleeding afterwards.
 My old investigator on her wedding day like forever ago. We made Thanksgiving food with her yesterday. She is so beautiful.

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