Sunday, November 16, 2014

the week, told through some pictures.‏

hello all,

this week was the best! i seriously am feeling so much joy in the tail end of my mission. this is all going by so fast and I am enjoying all the little moments!
We are having some great success with investigators. No crazy Ensign worthy stories, but lately we have taught the Restoration lesson like every day and I am always amazed that the story NEVER gets old. Its never loses its power. It really happened and I can feel the reality of it everytime I teach it!

1. This night we just really wanted ice cream. Sister Collyer is the queen of spontaneous adventures. I love her for it. Also, if its looks like Im wearing a buttload of makeup its just cause the lighting is wacko and I also stole Sister Marsdens eyeshadow.
2. Decided to wear all of my tags, then forgot that I was wearing all of them.
3. An Update that really only my parents would care about. STILL SICK. (Dad, can you please tell me more about blessings? In my belssing of health I was told that I wouldnt have to deal with this for long but its been a month.... so confused about fath and healing.) People have been Korean advicing me up the yinyang- Wear a scarf always. Eat Ice Cream. Sleep with a wet towel over your entire face (my favorite.) the members are all getting impatient with me not going to the hospital "IF YOU DONT GO TO THE HOSPITAL THEN PEOPLE WILL STOP COMING TO CHURCH!'  -Gramma Cha. Then yesterday during church the doctor in our ward ran out to his car and gave me some medicine to take because the coughing is so bad that I just gag. (that detail probably wasnt necessary....) anywho, im now quarantined to my apartment until this can stop, but some prayers would be wonderful, for me and my companion! (shes caught it too!) on the bright side, so much heeving might result in Jillian Michaels abs. (blessings of sickness.) moving on.....
4. BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!!!! I was overly happy. This was the best day of missionary working. My companion and I were SO happy! THanks for everyone who contributed. I am the luckiest missionary.
5.Waffle smoothie for lunch. This was the best picture Sister Collyer could take.

Hey, I love you all! Remember the God loves you too :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

the last first day.‏

ive been really lacking in the email department lately, forgive me?
well, sister marsden has gone away to gwangju and sister collyer and i are having fun readjusting to a new companionship (ive had 1 transfer companions 3 times in a row now... crazy weird.)
we havent been able to meet with a lot of our investogators this week, but a LOT of people wanted to say goodbye to sister marsden (she is very loved) and so we got a lot of presents and a lot of people cried. so it was a good week i guess.

yesterday we had a crzy cool member visit where the sister told us the story of how she decided to go on a mission. i wish i had time to write the whole thing but im running out. she also fed us spaghetti (like, with real cheese) and sister collyer and i are still sick from it. i dont know how im gonna eat in america...

i love you all!!
-sister kelsey rae pappa

here are some pictures-

(this is for sister marsden.)
we have a member who owns a BED store. its been a year since i slept in a bed. so when our member went upstairs with a customer we tested them all out. this was our favorite.
normal bus occurence. (guy with 5 giant bags of cabbage.) sister marsden thought i was taking a picture of her. whoops.
sohyun tried to teach me how to hulahoop this day. i was so bad at it. partially because sister marsden and i had to switch skirts because.... its a long story. but the moral is that if you want to be a good hula hooper you have to wear good clothes.

Happy halloween!‏

i feel bad that i left you all without any cool spiritual expereinces last week.. (bad. missionary.) this week was a lot better! 
we had our halloween party at the hungduk ward, and two of our investigators came! i refused to wear a costume because im not 5 years old and my companion was sad. (im sorry sister marsden! im too prideful to apologize in words....#gonnagoreadPMGchapter6)
also our sweet invetigator cancelled on us TWICE this week, we were way sad. (that was a really poorly written sentence.)
i honestly have no idea what to write right now... um. the week was good! here are some pictures!
i love you all!!!!
sister pappa

1. this is one of my favorite children in the world. everyone loves the pappa boots. 
2. our belived christmas tree. ahhhhhhhhh (heart)
3. this is basically all that happens at district meeting...
4. hungduk sangdang! everyone in this picture is each so different. i like that.
5. our harmoni. she is hilarious. had no idea we were taking a picture. also, during our photo session sister marsden was breaking her DVD player.
6. had to call people outside cause we showed up at an appointment really early.... and ended up sitting in these little kid bouncy things in a park (missioanry appropriate?) could hardly get out of the thing...
7. ok, this day will be explained later when i can tell you in person. but basically this night consister of...... the worst member appointment ever, a bag of oranges, NO money, a nice old man who left his bus card at home, walking alongside a highway in the dark, and having to cancel our appointment cause a tazxi driver wouldnt accept our oranges instead of won...... and there ya have it folks.
8.halloween pancaked, courtesy of our hawaiian, KINIKINI.

p.s fgot transfer calls! Ill be in Sangdang with Sister Collyer! She is one of my favorite people. love her and am happy that she is the one that will send me home.

love you all!!!

week 5 of the transfer.‏

so, this week my companion was sick with a monster cold. one day, when i forced her to rest, (and pretty much sister shin too) i got a lot of things done-
1. 4 loads of laundry.
2. Cleaned the Kitchen.
3. Deep Cleaned the Bathroom.
4. Made Muffins
5. Washed my comp's bedding.
6. Folded the other Sister's laundry.
7. And Put up Christmas Decorations. (although my companion was totally participant in this activity.)

i could be wrong but i think this is the part people are referring to when they say 'you know, missions are good preperation for marriage and motherhood.)

a few drunk guys got in our way this week. one of them came up to us on the bus and started making the crazied scene, yelling at us about how we arent allowed to eat apples at night (we were eating apples... and it was night.) then he got super close to my face with his nasty sojoo breath and said 
EVENING APPLES...... NO. and took them from our hands and threw them in the trash. booooooooooooooo.
also the other one was a guy we proselyted to who took sister marsdens waterbottle out of her hand and then poured water all over himself (he was attempting to take a drink.... fail.)
and there you have it folks, there was our week. (plus some miracles and spiritual experiences. i wish that i thought of writing those first but im relaly short on time and should send pictures. love you !


love, sister kelsey are pappa

wow... i literally took two pictures this week. forgive me.
1. this is a crazt story i will now tell in one big sentence.
i saw all these cool pottery exhibit posters around town and wanted to go and then our less active member gave us a referral and it was the same lady and then she gave us 40 dollar homeade mugs and sister marsden and i were so happy.\2. the prettiest country. 

just a buttload of pictures.‏

hey everyone!
im not in the mood to write anything right now, so please enjoy a TON of pictures.
love, sister pappa.

1. hanging out with BROWNIE (our favorite sangdang member) who dressed sister marsden up like mary.
2. one morning sister marsden and i were fighting, and then she yelled at me and was like 'IM GONNA BE A GOOD COMPANION AND MAKE YOU BREAKFAST!!!!!' adn then this is what was on my desk after my shower..... jokes. we never for real fight. but we yell at each other a lot.
3. one time sister jenson and i literally had the same planner. super weird.
4. waiting for an appointment.
5. we had lunch with the old stake presidnet and his wife who has alzheimers. it was terribly sad, but we were happy to make them happy.
6. i found this and died. "im looking for this cat" hahahahahaha
7. wegot two new investogators this week! this is what sister marsden does when that happens.

1. brownie. 
2. my hair looks like shakira in this picture but its all good. atleast my hips dont lie. (now somebody go listen to gypsy for me.)
3. me and our grandma investigator. shes so cute. 
4. watching conference together.
5. our latest hobby has been proselyting to people who work in puppy shops. there may or may not be reasons why we choose these kinds of stores. i wanted this dog more than anything else in the world.
6. sister marsden and i found this picture and DIED. they both look so afraid.

Kelille Marpa- Week 3.‏

So im halfway doen with probably the only transfer with Sister Marsden and we are learning a lot and having fun. 
Our investigators are kinda on the digressing side. We have an investigator, Tiffany, who we are really trying to figure out how to teach right now. She knows that the church is true but she doesnt want to get baptized because she knows that once she makes the promise and convenant with Heavenly Father she knows that she wont be able to keep it perfectly. We reminded her, that as Elder Scott once mentioned, 'The Lord sees weaknesses differently than he sees rebellion.' But she still wouldnt have it. Our next reminder is that once we have a knowledge of the truth God expects us to act on that knowledge, whether we are bound by a baptismal covenant or not. We are held responsible for the knowledge that we hold, and as it says in the scriptures- " But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only" -James 1:22 
Also we picked up a Chinese investogator this week. She knows literally nothing about reigion or God and refers to religious people as "The Believers". She has never seen a church in China in her entire life and has no concept of God or any sort of religious practice. How do you start from square one? Who is God, and why do we need Him?
Conference was INCREDIBLE. Im still on such a spriritual high. I cant choose a favorite, but all the talks offered me with something I could grow and learn from. (Sidenote for Elder Preisler- That one young guy looked EXACTLY like you but way older. Sister Marsden and I kept saying it the whole talk. Craziness.)
Also, when I watched the video of the Korean girls I cried. That is my country! My language! My Korea! I was so excited. Also the other Sister and I just giggled and smiled knowing we knew what those little girls were saying. BAHHHH KOREA.
Sister Kinikini and Marsden taught me how to do the cup song, and weve been singing hymns with cups all week. 
I saw a pug yesterday, Super happy. Also afterwards I started proselyting to this man on the street who startled me by saying "WHOA. You like, actually sound like a Korean." I always get so caught off guard when someone who looks like a native ends up being from Australia. Super funny.
All is well out here! Sangdang is great. The Church is True. God loves us all.

Sister Kelsey Rae Pappa 

ps. i forgot my card reader again. boooooo next week double pictures! 

The Marpa Diaries: Week 2.‏

Sister Marsden and I came up with a companionship name. We laughed really hard at our own joke because we think we're hilarious.
This week was pretty darn busy. We had comined zone conference with Chunan and I got to see so many of my mission friends. I am so blessed to be with so many incredble people on my mission. My ZL is grumpy but my DL is half mexican and told me hes gonna make burritos for Sister Marsden and me though, so all is well.
"Elder Bruce, where did you buy tortillas?" "Sister Pappa, is your question actually not that you want to know where I bought tortillas, but that you actually just really want a BURRITO?" "........... yes." i miss mexican food more than america.
We taught a super cute chubby girl Lessons 4 and 5 before she gets baptized next week. As I was teaching her about the Law of Chastity I told her that its a way that we keep our bodies clean and asked how she can keep her body clean. She screamed out "Bath House!!!"... Sister Marsden and I died.
Also, I am super happy to live with my Dongi sista, KINIKINI! Native of Hawaii. Rommate from the MTC. I am learning so many facts about Hawaii. Did you know that there are only certain people that can go onto certain islands?! Hawaii is so interesting. I even made her do a hula dance to this Lilo and Stitch song that I have on my iPod. Shes adorable and Im glad that we get to go home together.
Other happenings:
. Sister Marsden and I are having so much fun, and my testimony is really being strengthened by her. We have a lot of good gospel discussions.
. I had to touch a disgusting cat at a members house yesterday. It was so gross and I used much hand sanitizer afterwards.
. We had a training in Zone Conference on cleaning and it literally was everything that I had previously reiterated to my companion. I am such a clean freak now that I seriously sometimes cant concentrate on anything else. I dont understand how anyone could feel the spirit if their house was a disaster. 
. I had WHEAT BREAD at the same meeting. I almost cried. It was heaven.
. I forgot William and Cortneys birthdays... AH! I remembered Monday night. HAPPY HAPPY BIRHDAY! SANGEEER CHOOKHA HAYYOOOOO!!!!! love you all oodles.

i love you all!! thanks for all the wonderful emails i got this week. i am always strengthed by your words (and pictures). i miss you and lvoe you.

sister kelsey pappa

(these are all out of order. some are from my last area.)
1. leaving elder holt. he is hilarious. and also really ridiuclous. im really gonna miss that missionaries in jeonju. :(
2. theres a SUBWAY inm y new area. not. kidding. i wont tell you how much MSF Sister Marsden and I have spent there.....
3. cat poster.
4. graffiti.
5. bus picture fail exhibit a,
6. exhibit b.
7. i didnt actually mean to attach this picture but ill tell you anyway that every morning sister marsden and i will just lay in our yos and tell each other about the weird dreams that we had. they are almost always about missionary work. its in our brains even when we're asleep...

상당 Week 1.‏

Hello from Sangdang! Chungjeo is really fun and a really old city. Sister Marsden is also my kindred spirit and my best friend. I knew her in the MTC and always thought that she was the coolest. Now we are serving together and everything is realy spiritual and uplifting and we are working and having so much fun. Marsden trivia: Her parents are vegan. Her Dad works for the government so she has lived in like 9 foreign countries. She eats olives from the can and has really good critical thinking skills. Also for our first comp study she talked about Hitler and propoganda. Five stars for Sister Camille Marsden.

Im not quuuiiiite settled into my area yet btu Im getting there. I was transferred to the lowest stat producing zone in our whole mission so everyone is a bunch of strssballs and apparently President calls the Zone Leader like everyday. Yikes. Positivity! Sister Marsden and I are going to see a lot of success in this area so all is well. Also we have been proselyting machines and talk to everybody we see. I think we might have talked to like a thousand people (including the Korean Kelly Clarkson. In the words of Sister Marsden.)

For those of you who are worried (probably just Mom) I went to the doctors and they told me I have bronchitis. And if I dont take the medicine they gave me then I will get pneumonia and they told me that I definitely dont want pneumonia.
'Take your medicine Sister Pappa.'
'But I feel like a drug addict.'
'You constantly forget to take your medicine and when you do you refuse to take it. Thats the exact OPPOSITE of a drug addict.' 
hahahahahahahhelpme i hate drugs. 

ok, spiritual things time. ive had really good scripture study lately. I dont have time to share everything that I have learned but lately I have been thinking about imrpovement and how to become more like our Savior. This morning I spent and hour studying these two verses in D&C:
41 No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned;
 42 By kindness, and pure knowledge, which shall greatly enlarge the soul without hypocrisy, and without guile—
If you havent already, I highly suggest that you study these and determine your standing with God. I found it to help me remember the covenants that I have made with my Father in heaven. Above all else, remember that he is all merciful, just, and loving, and can give us all the power we need to become more like Him. I love that we have access to this power from heaven when we act in accordance with His laws. 
I love this gospel!

Love you all!
Sister Kelsey Rae Pappa

ps i forgot my card reader so i cant send home any pictures this week. next time!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


ive had this cold for almost a month and now have been cursed with a week long stomach bug. BAHHHHHHHH. at an appointment with kimmiyoung she requested to talk with sister shin on the phone and is now taking me to the hospital today. (dont worry mom and dad. you dont have to pay anything. her friend is th doctor.) i fought against it for the two and a half hours we were there. but after her korean whining and scolding, i asked "왜 가야돼요?!" (why do i have to go?!) .... "파파의엄마 이니까!" (because i am your mom.) *sigh* korean hospitals are different. and their entire idea of helathcare is different too. theyre going to give me and IV and a buttload of medicine because kimmiyoung is concerned that i have pneumonia. (korea.) wish me luck! poor sister lyon will have to deal with the 'sister pappa meets needles.' NOT. a pretty picture. (sweaty crying, nauseous dizzy panicky sister pappa.)

also we have an appointment to eat pig intestines and ears with this older guy in our ward today. pday isnt p day.

despite the beginning paragraph, i have been really happy lately. i love this area and the members. im growing and learning and im happy about it all. 
picture time!

love you love you love you. 

1) after tofu donkas with the elders investigator who loves to be with us. hes hilarious. 
2) elder holt baked a cake for district meeting. put on your paula dean face elder holt! hes my favorite. we are nothing like each other but hes hilarious. "eler holt, what flavor is this cake?" "idk, the box just said "purple" and "orange" flavor.".... concerning.
3) we ate like wild animals. #americanfood.
4) cleaning the baptismal font. joonang had a baptism!!!
5) MOM I GOT THE PACKAGE!!! HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. sister lyon requests to smell all the fall stuff everyday, and i literally have worn these two shorts everyday since i got them. 
6) my pretty desk (fallified.) that thing above the picture of the fambam says 'eternal'.

1-3) Just a bunch of companionship slefies. we just had the most awkward lesson with our investigator and needed some cheering up.

4) i was obsessed with this filter on my camera this week. this picture was an accident but it kinda looks like i should be in a j. crew ad so i obviously wantet to share it with everyone. #humility.

5) more korean legos. so. funny.

6) spent some time trying to tech sister lyon how to draw a flower. dying laughing

1) got all alisa burke (roma is the only one who knows what im talking about, right?) with some leaves for my favorite member. she loved them so much.

2) and last but not least, a portion of my picture wall, with my newest addition- elder oehler. sometimes we take horrible pictures for our free english flyers. this beauty was given to me as a gift for doing elder holt a favor. hahahahahah

LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!!! we should be getting transfer calls any minute now but no sign yet.... next week i probably will be in a new area (booooooooo so SAD)