Monday, November 10, 2014

just a buttload of pictures.‏

hey everyone!
im not in the mood to write anything right now, so please enjoy a TON of pictures.
love, sister pappa.

1. hanging out with BROWNIE (our favorite sangdang member) who dressed sister marsden up like mary.
2. one morning sister marsden and i were fighting, and then she yelled at me and was like 'IM GONNA BE A GOOD COMPANION AND MAKE YOU BREAKFAST!!!!!' adn then this is what was on my desk after my shower..... jokes. we never for real fight. but we yell at each other a lot.
3. one time sister jenson and i literally had the same planner. super weird.
4. waiting for an appointment.
5. we had lunch with the old stake presidnet and his wife who has alzheimers. it was terribly sad, but we were happy to make them happy.
6. i found this and died. "im looking for this cat" hahahahahaha
7. wegot two new investogators this week! this is what sister marsden does when that happens.

1. brownie. 
2. my hair looks like shakira in this picture but its all good. atleast my hips dont lie. (now somebody go listen to gypsy for me.)
3. me and our grandma investigator. shes so cute. 
4. watching conference together.
5. our latest hobby has been proselyting to people who work in puppy shops. there may or may not be reasons why we choose these kinds of stores. i wanted this dog more than anything else in the world.
6. sister marsden and i found this picture and DIED. they both look so afraid.

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