Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 10. 2014.

last week of the transfer! this one will have to be fast, im kinda low on time... already. whoops.
i got transfer calls! Sweet Sister Lyon will be my new companion. she is darling- my younger dongi in the MTC. Im really excited to work with her in this area.
Sister King is off this week! I can hardly believe three transfers with her are already over.  i will miss her a ton, i wont lie.
ok, the week will have to be in pitcures.
highlights from this week-
. heard the entire plot to the emperors new groove. somebody go watch it for me. by proxy. i almost peed my pants just hearing sister king and collyer tell me the PLOT.
. stacked cups with my two favorite boys.
. translated for a little primary girl from idaho. i made most of it up.
.felt the spirit REALLY strongly after a message that elder barney shared. he bawled his way through it. it was really touching.
. i tried every sidedish at district lunch. i almost threw up. be brave pappa.

 we surprised sister king with batbinsoo and some fun stuff. this is the only picture sister arvanitas could take and my garments are showing.

we're cute.

i got this in the mail.... a year in korea is sneakin up on me.

cup stackin.

this family is my favorite.

koreans trying to teach english... we died.

 it poured almost every day. #happykelsey

i feel like im sending a kid off to college.

..... so obviously im too young for that. sister king is getting ready to go home and its all finding hotels for her parents to stay in (when they come to pick her up) and makign sure they have enough activities and calming her down when she is panicking that yes sister king, you WILL be asked on a date with SOMEBODY at BYU.
oh my dear heavens. sending a missionary home has proven to be quite the ordeal.
individual notes to people that you proabably dont want to read unless you are that person-
mom and dad. number one. i love you. dad, i hope your new job goes better! i will be wishing you luck. thanks for the email. i love reading your words. they make me so happy. mom, i will look for the package. im not going to lie, im really excited.
cort. the pictures of the kids (mostly (j.) crue) are soooooooo cute. that kid is putting on some pounds. also the house looks fabulous and the hoodlums are growing up too fast. thanks for takign the time to take selfies during relief society (oh. my. gosh. your relief society presidnet.... scary.) and to send them my way. i know you are a busy mama but it means a lot that you take time to write me. well like, you should. youre my sister.
kassey. i liked that instagram role you were on. what happened? :( dad sent me a picture of all the ribbons you got this week. im proud of you, cowgirl. im really excited to learn more stuff from you when i goet home. in winter.  also, can you do me a rather large favor? i will just email you about it in a few minutes.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASSEY AND DAYNE! youre the best. eat some cake. get some presents. kassey, you are almost an adult! dayne, are you like 32 or something? just kidding. but you are approaching the hill. practically a grandpa.
so i STILL havent quite figured out how to organize these emails so i am going to try going kensey kerr style and just go from my journal. bear with me.
i was sick, i think the heat finally got to me. no time to rest. wandered the city looking for sister kings parents hotel. i was not a happy person. i regret that. when p day ended we went to visit a member who didnt end up being home so we kapjagi called kimsoona who has these two adorable boys who i LOVE. they are like 14 and 9 and they love us so much. we showed up ten minutes later and their youngest boy gynungsun laid out a bunch of peaches and a game. we spent the rest of the nut racing them at speed stacks (cup stacking game) and simultaneously eating corn. they are the most patient and funny and hilarious boys. i am now petitioning God for all sons. At the end they gave me my own set of cups to practice with a made us promise to come next Tuesday.
we talked about joy at district meeting and elder barney put the spotlight on me and asked how i feel joy on my mission. i told him that im not really sure, and that that is something that i think i realy struggle with. when i email home i highligh all the happy parts but missinary work is really hard and honestly i cant feel joy that easily. i couldnt come to any solid conclusions during the meeting but i wil say that i am still seekign answers about how to feel greater joy in my missionary work. The district gave us really god advice on how to help kimiyoung. I got two of the best letters from Roma today. They made me so happy but also made me miss my family and friends so much. everyone back home is doing such great things. sometimes i feel like i am stuck. or atleast just really behind. had the best lesson with kimmiyoung yet. we were bold but not overbearing and she understood a lot clearer why we were there and what blessings we wanted her to get. there was good communication and we were able to understand her feelings more. the spirit was so strong and i was grateful the the holy ghost was helping to touch her heart.
brother pak and sister lee called us to bring us to a really nice americanish restaurant with her kids. but when we showed up she was in another part of the resturant with some of the young women. so basically we ate lunch with brother pak and the kids. not ok but we didnt know what else to do.... i hoarded every vegetable i could (koreans dont eat a lot of vegetables....) and brother pak made fun of me. but in romas words "im not interested in having cottage cheese legs thank you very much." also i just really like salad and anything green or from the earth. all the kids ate was korean food.... it was so funny. we met with a new invsigaotr today. she is proabbly the most clingy person ive ever met, but she seemed a little interested in something other than English (thats a step in a good direction) and she fed us cheese from Spain so we were ok with that. we are yet to meet with her again and teach her the restoration. english class was ok today. elder holt told the whole class that one of the phrases we were learnign was drug reference so that made everything instantaneously uncomfrtable. the topic was 'what if your kid wants to be an artist'...... *rolling eyes*. byunjunho centered the conversation aroudn me. all the men in the room said they want their sons to be doctors. brother byun asked if my parents think that my dream is ridiculous. i told them that i think my parents trust me to not pursue anythign unrealisitc and that they always support my talents and or interests. im really grateful for that.
while eating lunch the elders called us to make sure we were on our way to shilli. ...... oops. we ran out the door and scrambled onto a bus where i filled out the progress record between bumps and sweaty grandmas hauling in bunches of onions or mystery herbs. when we showed up ten minutes late the elders were sitting in a circle on the living room floor giggling while eating watermelon. "the meeting is tomorrow...."..... oops again. our ward misison leader ordered us chinese food and while washing dishes we all talked about movies. i asked elder hotl if hes ever seen 'we bought a zoo' and he asked me if it was an action movie. *face palm*. does that sound like an action movie?! as brother yoon inched his way back into the living room we turned the conversation into korean out of courtesy. it suddenly dawned on me how weird it was... 8 americans having a conversation in korean.
went back to shilli to have our REAL lunch appointment. sister nam made the kamjatang not spicy just for me. she is the nicest person i have ever met. we had batbinsoo for dessert. no bat. made our way to jungup to drop off sister king to go on a split with sister arvanitas. picked up sister leeyaejin. had a grand ol night with sister yoon who talked our ears off and fed us MORE watermelon. too.... much.... watermelon. thought a lot about what is appropriate to ask god for. i dont want my missionary work to be like a vending machine. B5=Baptism.........i dont think that god appreciates requests very much. i actually think its pretty offending. i havent figured out how to pray for help in my missionary work quite yet.
i am not excited to sogae my area. work is not the same without sister kign. im the only one who know the area. the people. the buses. the names. the work. i hate that im gonna be the only one who knows anythign in a few weeks. we visited like 5 people but only an old lady in the ward was home. she was wearing a white tank top and shorts that literally were made out of mesh material. so basically we shared a message with a (practically) nacked old korean lady. she fed us corn and we listened to the wind howl outside. there is a typhoon coming onto the coast so the sky was rather upset today. when sister lee and i finished our corn sister lees was neatly eaten compared to my mutilated cob that looked like a rat got into it. the gramma asked if my teeth were bad and then asked where we were going next. i said i didnt know where (because our plans fell through) and then she scolded me for being and ignorant american who didnt know hotto get anywhere...... old people are nutters. that night we met with kimmiyoung and she bought us soup at a cafe. surji is sick and we bought her an ice cream.
i fell asleep in personal study and walked like a zombie out of the apartment to go to church. i felt like someone dragged me out of bed at 2 am and made me come to church. i wasnt in the best mood today and i regret that. i am a mister scrooge on fast sunday. bosun and gyungsun whispered to me during sacrament about their speed stack record. i said i would beat them. tuesday night. we visited the bishops house. he reminds me of dad. he puts his kids in arm bars and sasses them. he told me the he doesnt want me to transfer. there were three families over fo dinner (cause that how korea goes. like family.) we had donkassu and soup. brother yoon sat next to me and we talked about mac vs. pc. i had no idea that he was a computer science major. we ended the night by visiting sister song who is like 85 and is hilarious. she wasnt at church today because her back hurt. her son was over with his two hideous half shaved yappy dogs. she fed us watermelon and told us allll about her bodily ailments. she is adorable.
well there you have it.... a glance into the life of sister pappa. its been so busy! and this week will be even busier. lots of saying goodbye dinners and such. sister kign deserves it though... shes been a really great missionary.
i miss you all! i love you i love you i love you.
love, sister kelsey are pappa

1. in the market there are a lot of creepy taxidermy places. this is one of their greatest works.
2.chicken scratch record. i actually think youre not supposed to take pictures of records but dont forward this to anyone and were fine. the handwriting was just horrible and it took me like 10 minutes to figure out what the words were.
3. lunch at ashleys with orami, soorami, yonso and brother pak. so awkward. so delicous.
4. oh, just some stuff i see everyday on the bus.
5. for lunch i ate lettuce and egg salad. i thought the lettuce was so pretty it mustbe photgraphed.
6. the corn. can you guess whose is sister lee's and whose is mine?

the corn. can you guess whose is sister lee's and whose is mine?

for lunch i ate lettuce and egg salad. i thought the lettuce was so pretty it mustbe photgraphed.

 oh, just some stuff i see everyday on the bus.

lunch at ashleys with orami, soorami, yonso and brother pak. so awkward. so delicous.

chicken scratch record. i actually think youre not supposed to take pictures of records but dont forward this to anyone and were fine. the handwriting was just horrible and it took me like 10 minutes to figure out what the words were.

 in the market there are a lot of creepy taxidermy places. this is one of their greatest works.

week one hundred and something. i think.

 feel like im in hell. not because everything is miserable and bad but because its so hot that i think i might actually be baking. saturday was the ward temple trip which meant that we couldnt visit any members. translation- LOTS of Less Active work. we roamed the city for hours in the hot sun. I acquired the weirdest sunburn- one side of my chest a lobster while the other side was freckly and white. moral of the story- dont wear a cross bag if you want an even sunburn. Sister King kept us occupied by descriving, in detail, the plot to The Lord of the Rings. Approximated Time Took- 5 hours. 30 minutes. I now know more about the Lord of the Rings than people who have actually seen it.
do me a favor right now. go to the nearest bathroom, and turn on the sink with the faucet truned allllll the ay to the right. its like ice, right? now imagine that convering your whole body. welcome to the jeonjoo sisters showers for the entire week. ice cold. the hot water in our apartment has been out, and it has been oh so painful. you would think that with my previously mentioned description of the weather that an ice cold shower would feel great. we beg to differ. it was so cold that it hurt. Sister Son screamed through her last one, yelling out korean jibberish. at one point we thought that she was either crying or swearing. maybe both. i have never wanted to not shower so much in my whole life.
zone conference was not that exciting. sister arvanitas and i ate lunch together and sister shin told me that i havent been eating enough. ive eaten a lot of corn lately.
i went to bed early last night.
I never realized how much of a country girl I was until I became companions with my companion. I have, up until now, taught her how to 1. boil an egg (lets NOT talk about this one.) 2. husk corn 3. name various trees and flowers 4. what a beehive looks like 5. what colostrum is. (although i havent milked a cow a day in my life) I am yet to teach her how to sew on a button.
the Elders have an adorable investogator from GHANA! He is so warm an friendly. When he first came to the church one of the rowdy 3 year olds (who sometimes has no pants on) was looking up at him pointing, and kept yelling "WHY ARE YOU BLACK?!"..... in that moment we were really grateful that the sweet man didnt know a lick of Korean. Ignorance is bliss.
OOH! Dayne, you would be so proud of me! I live with a Sister who has MS and she has to give herself shots every few days. She let me do it the other night. I totally felt like a Doctor and was so proud. Shes a brave soul. I think if I was on my deathbed I still couldnt give myself a shot.
Well folks, sorry this is really lame. And scattered. Also sorry that I have been lackign in the letter writing department lately. Sister Kign is going home and Im trying to let her do more of the things that she wants on P Day. (boo.) shopping. (boo.) sight seeing. (also boo. unless its like a hike or something. i hate touristy places.) other stuff. my p days havent really been p days as a of late.
i love you so very much!
love, me. kelsey rae pappa. (sister.)

p day with our stake president. we went to the coolest place ever up in the mountains. i was in love. i thought that this courtyard looked like kung fu panda. so obviously i suggested that we take a picture. best. idea. ever.

i love this country.


i took this picture UNDERWATER! i love my camera.

ok. so sometimes siter kign and i come home and the door to our apartment is half open (cause one of the companionships forgets to shut it all the way) and then we get scared and have to go trhough the whole apartment and make sure that no one is hiding and is gonna kidnap us and harvest our organs (that happens A LOT in Asia. Dont get scared Mom.) But obviously we shouldnt be weaponless while we search out ever corner. So we always go in with umbrellas. nobody wants to mess with a sister missionary holding an umbrella.

corn huskin'

i peer pressured sister king into taking her shoes off. she doesnt like nature. i love it.


us four. we were so happy.

we ate corn with our investigator. 

we went through a TON of records this week. this is my least favorite thing in the world to see.
6. we ate corn with our investigator. 

coldest. shower. of. our. life.

 Sister Son and I had to attend a special meeting after Zone Conference for everyone going home before the end of the year. Then we had to sign this really ridiculous paper that basically says we will still be good and work hard even if the end is near.

spiderman. was at a bus stop.

shiniest spoon.
we had lunch with the stake presdient wife. when WE were on our way to
her house and SHE was walking home from the grocery store, a DOWNPOUR
happened. (monsoon season. they happen all the time.) this was her
reinactment of walking home dripping wet with a cardboard box of groceries.
(note: cardboard. pounring rain. check out that box.) we died laughing.

mary and jesus. or should i say EMMA WATSON. this is hilarious.

downpour. wet shoes. we came home like raisins.

one of my favorite members sent us home with 'this cereal that my
children HATE and wont ever eat'....... FROOT LOOPS. morning faces. blurry
picture. happy girls. i never thought i would be so happy to eat processed
colorful cereals. im turning into kassey......

one year.

my goodness, this is really happening. A YEAR! a whole year. of walking ( so. much. walking.) unpainted toenails, no dryers... the works. i cant believe its been 365 days. but it has! and im grateful for all of it.
so last week i left my camera card at a photo printing store so i couldnt send any pictures but this week should be a little bit better.
lets hear about my week through pictures. how bout it?
love, keels.
the last district pictures. ( our elder kim got transferred.... so. sad.)

the last district picture.

'jazz hands!' -elder smith

three sisters.

'elder kim, dont touch my camera.'..... *poke*

that kid in the back is elder smith. he is a farm boy from idaho and is one of the funniest people ive ever met. he does the weirdest things. sometimes we talk to each other in canadian/minnesotan accents, and the chubby elder is actually from canada and says that my accent is 'so canadian sister pappa.' im so proud of us.
elder kim made the funniest pages in my memory book. weve served in all the same areas so we have known each other for forever.

my ihansor. i miss her so much. her english was seriously american the last time i saw her. its crazy how the koreans learn english too. you should hear all our conversations in the mission office. theyre split between two different languages.

the two cutest little girls in our ward. their mother is adorable and we are really close. i promised her that one day when the girls are older us four are gonna go to india together. im so excited.

there is a 6 year old boy in our ward thats in love with me. he taught me how to do a transformer (what verb am i supposed to use for that?) hes precious and talks my ear off. the last visit his mom eventually had to pull him aside and ask him to stop talking to me so that we could start the lesson. so. cute.


it was so hot one morning that i ran my hair under cold water and then sat in front of the fan. in other hair news- i took a pair of kitchen scissors to mine this week cause all of the sister were too chicken to do it. i just gave myself some side bang-age cause im really sick of one length. not too bad! i dont believe in paying someone to do soemthing i can do myself.

this was in our apartment elevator...... we all screamed.

this bridge is lined with petunias mom. so pretty! everyone is always surprised at how many flowers names that i know, but i always thought that was just normal. i taught sister king what black eyed susans are. everytime we see them she points them out. haha

a year mark scone. i looks disgusting. that must mean that i worked really hard for a year... right?

Transfer 8

im on my eight transfer!
this week was super busy.
we spent friday at MLC in Daejeon, so that meant that while Sister King and the other leaders were in meeting eatign pulled pork and chips and salsa, i was outside on a split with the proselyting machine sister naatjes, and also sweet sister livingston. i had a weird shy day and didnt really want to talk much. i mostly listened to them converse about their investigators and talk about how much they love missionary work. in my brain i couldnt help but feel weord that i dont feel similar to those sisters. i love what im doing but i also am not that excited when i talk about it. this work is hard and i dont want to do it forever.
we had dinner with sister kimeeyoung this week. she is our investogaotr and we got to meet her adorable 24 yo daughter and her husband. she reminds me of aunt deanna for some reason. i really love her. she is in search of a correct religion right now and is progressing really slowly. although she keeps her commitments her heart isnt very open and iwish we could chnage that, but it is something between her and God.
we did 2 hours of cleaning this morning and i really enjoyed it. althought i clean WAY differently than the other sisters in the apartment. i know this is prideful but my way is the right way compared to theirs. thanks mom.
i hope everyone had a great 4th of july and the dad had a happy birthday! i love you all so much!
i miss you all... SO MUCH! sending hugs from korea.

June 30. 2014.

Last night we were all laying in our beds talking about transfer calls and 2 very important things happened-
1/ we realized that you can see our feet tan lines IN THE DARK. (ok like, i was the only one who couldnt see mine. theyre so little. i dont tan.
2/ Sister Son informed me that we have FOUR transfers left. SERIOUSLY. Just 4. And Im starting my 8th next week... is this real life?
Speaking of transfers... we got our calls this morning! And Im staying in Joonang! So happy. Happier than a bug in a rug, seriously. Also, there is only one person in our whole zone who is leaving... soooo unevntful, there is work to be done for all of us!
I wanted to teach you a little bit of Korean today.... 2 words. Just two.
Most commonly our of the mouths of members- 부담. Translation- pressure. (we usually inwardly roll our eyes if they say this.) Members feel pressure about basically everything. EVERYTHING.
Most commonly out of the mouths of non-members- 이단. translation- cult. The people here say that word A LOT. About us, and sometimes about other religions while talking to us. I've heard OUR members say that about other churches too, and I've started to realize that using words like that are not appropriate. They just aren't. Calling another religion (no matter how wrong or right you think you are) a CULT is not ok. We must show respect if we expect to recieve it, and not only because we want to recieve it but just because that's a trait a Christ-like person exhibits. One cannot pass completely correct judgements without all the existing facts, and since we as mortals are physically incapable of acquiring all the facts then there is never permittance to pass judgement. Ever. It's not our job. It never was and never will be.
I was reminded of a memory this week- When I was growing up in California I remember sometimes eating dinner at a neighbor's house- one of another faith. Before the meal we would give a blessing over the food. The way that the family had prayer was different than the way that our church taught, but I never remember my parents refusing to pray in that manner, or telling us kids that it was wrong... we just DID it. Because that was the way they preferred, in their home, in their family. I am grateful that through that example my parents taught me to abide by the 11th Article of Faith-
11 We claim the aprivilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the bdictates of our own cconscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them dworship how, where, or what they may.
Perhaps we need to pay attention to the latter half more than the first. I believe only in this way can we truly learn how to love, even amidst a sea of our differences.
i reaaaaally have to go. no time!
love you all.
sister kelsey pappa
the lily pads are out! holy beautiful. also we met with claire and the park. she was our old investigaotr and shes BACK! i love her to pieces.

look who i found on the street... JEWELS!!!! CASEY! SHES IN KOREA!

elder kim. nuff said.

sometimes im just eating and randomly realize that there are whole fishes in my food. seriously, its like the 3rd time thats happened on my mission. ASIA.

 ....... UP! (someone get this reference... please....?)

met an albino hedgehog this week. nbd.

see that fruit on top of that building?? sister king and me and elder kunzler and elder kim had a debate all week. i said it was a peach.. they said it was an apple. turns out its on top of a butt hospital (we died. what. is. that.) and appartnely in korean if you have a cute butt it looks like an apple... so obviously they put an apple on their butt hospital.... oh my gosh. so weird. we had a good laugh. im so ticked that its not a peach!

this cuuuuuuuute old lady in our ward. so cute. (ignore my sweaty gross face. also if i look like i always wear the same three shirts its cause i do.)

we walked like a thousand miles this day and sister king literally died on her desk when we got home. holy exhaustion.