Saturday, August 16, 2014

Transfer 8

im on my eight transfer!
this week was super busy.
we spent friday at MLC in Daejeon, so that meant that while Sister King and the other leaders were in meeting eatign pulled pork and chips and salsa, i was outside on a split with the proselyting machine sister naatjes, and also sweet sister livingston. i had a weird shy day and didnt really want to talk much. i mostly listened to them converse about their investigators and talk about how much they love missionary work. in my brain i couldnt help but feel weord that i dont feel similar to those sisters. i love what im doing but i also am not that excited when i talk about it. this work is hard and i dont want to do it forever.
we had dinner with sister kimeeyoung this week. she is our investogaotr and we got to meet her adorable 24 yo daughter and her husband. she reminds me of aunt deanna for some reason. i really love her. she is in search of a correct religion right now and is progressing really slowly. although she keeps her commitments her heart isnt very open and iwish we could chnage that, but it is something between her and God.
we did 2 hours of cleaning this morning and i really enjoyed it. althought i clean WAY differently than the other sisters in the apartment. i know this is prideful but my way is the right way compared to theirs. thanks mom.
i hope everyone had a great 4th of july and the dad had a happy birthday! i love you all so much!
i miss you all... SO MUCH! sending hugs from korea.

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