Sunday, December 7, 2014

one more to go.‏

dear family and friends,

i had a wonderful week. focusing is really really really hard, but i have been belssed to see so many miracles.

have i ever told you guys that our investigators are AWESOME?! (probably not... im so bad at sending good emails.) well, they are. this week we got a new one, her name is Lucia. She is adorable. She lives with her single mother in a villa (that took foooorever to find by the way). she is partially blind and has the purest spririt. literally, i wanted to tell her that i think she is so pure but i didnt want ot sound like a creeper. we drank peppermint tea and ate tangerines and she told us about her boyfriend and how she wants to learn about our church. i have been so blessed on my mission to meet some of the most beautiful people in this world.
heres a story from this week- we got caught in crazy bad weather on monday. (the first snow of the winter... on december 1st! so fitting.)
so we ended up on a bus that didnt go where we thought it was going to go... (that happens a lot... its not our fault we swear.) then we ended up in hungduk area on a road with not a moving car in sight. some accident. u turn. another trafficy road and a car stuck in the snow. our sweet busdriver got out and helped push this car with a few other men. 10 minutes later he comes back and tries to drive but our bus was stuck.. bad. 
after time passed my companion and i got worried because we have a curfew and we all want to return safely home, so we say a quiet prayer together in the back of the bus and ask heavenly father to help the bus to move. 10 minutes of burning rubber and people start yelling to get off the bus cause people have places to go. my companion i were the only ones on the there, until we realize that people left their bags on their seats- we realized that people were beggin to get off the bus so that they could help- we yell for the busdriver to let us off too and we join a random group of strangers, young and old, at the back of a dirty city bus on a road of pure black ice and we push the bus all the way to the corner. it was the craziest thing. we all cheered and smiled when we pushed all the way to the corner.
when we got back on the bus my companion and i talked about how interesting it was that God didnt answer our prayers in the way that we wanted him to.. but he did answer them. he helped the bus to move, but he wanted us to be the instruments in pushing it. 
we ending up getting home close to eleven because we were the only set of missionaries stranded out in the snow. crazy night, and crazy miracle. God is an interesting teacher.

i love you all! talk to you next week and then the next... well, ill see you at home :)

love, sister kelsey rae pappa
 a super awkward picture of me and idasurs. she is adorable.

 i picked some dying flowers out of a field and then tied them with string. i thought they were beautiful.

this is me and sister collyer trying to decide how to drop an investigator. when all else fails, hide from your problems underneath your comforter.

the extent of missioanry humor.

1&2 late birthday pictures. i had to bake them in muffin tins cause we dont have a cake pan. sister kinikini bacame addicted. 'they dont have these in hawaii.....' (as she inhales them)

3. this is how we dress in the wonter of korea.

4. i was sitting on sister jensons yo just chatting and sister colllyer tackles me like were in a football game. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH MY COMPANION

ive been on a baking kick lately. these are punpkin muffins for thanksgiving breakfast. also banana muffins have been made and homeade tortillas. (that was a horrible sentence...)

it snowed. had no idea this picture was being taken. apparently this is what i normally look like...

had to work on my upside down korean reading skills.... STUPID BUS STOP

 got on a bus and ended up at an air force base... whoops. #alwayslost

 when my companion puts her hood up she looks like dora the explorer. hahahahahahahahahaah

1. had mission tour this week with elder aoyagi (dont know how to spell that...) is was awesome and really spiritual but im gonna talk about it in my homecoming talk so i sont wanna spoil the stories. rode a train home and it was sister collyers first time! she was so happy. had a jeonju reunion with all my favorite jeonju zone friends. i miss them so much.

2. braiding brownies hair.

3. last night three families threw me a goodbye party. even my grammy came! i sat with her in sacrament and whispered yeleld (old people..) youre going and i hate it!!! i held her hand for the next twenty minutes. we played yoot and ate dukgook. i love them all with all my hear.=t.

1. love from the sangdang sisters!

2. korean kids. i taught them how to make snowflakes and i was SO impressed with how many cool ones they made,

3. unso.

happy happy week.

love you all! sorry this week will just be pictures. they tell my stories a whole lot better :)

see you soon!

1. katy and 혜미 surprised me with a mini birthday party. afterwards we watched the restoration movie and they told me that they believe it happened. best. birthday. ever.
2. you can see my knees. (sorry sister shin.) but my companion and i were sitting on a fish bench and we thought it was so funny.
3. companion love.
4. this one time we got locked out of our apartment and i just got this beauty of a photo on sister collyers camera. she just looked over at the computer and got so mad that i sent this...

Re: happy happy week.

1. this was our thanksgiving. turkey, of course.
2. happy thanksgiving!
3. take two.
4. a cute family in our ward. (this is for maryellen.)

happy thanksgiving!

hello all!

this week was crazy. sister collyer and i could only meet with two of our investigators, sister pak and her daughter camilla. they are progressing really nicely! sister pak is catholic and her daughter is christian, so its interesting to be teaching a family with two different religions, but they both are really interested in learning about this gospel. we showed them the restoration movie this past week and it was awesome- when we turned the lights back on in the room sister pak was wiping her eyes and the spirit was strong. i seriously love the joseph smith movie so much.
because we werent meeting with a lot of investigators this week we had a few less active visits which were SO good, one was with a new zealander and his korean wife- both return missionaries. sister marsden and i tried for a whole transfer to get an appointment with them but they are always sick or busy- bt with some prayers and some renewed focus on their family we were able to get in! The sweet sister served in temple square and shared some of the coolest stories from her mission- like the first time that she saw the prophet. we died laughing. she said that she pressed he body up against the wall, prayed to heavenly father that she didnt think she was worthy enough to see him, and then just started bawling. hahah 'it was like meeting JESUS you guys.' she is hilarious and i cant wait for the missionaries to establish more of a solid relationship with her.
another visit we had was with a less active grandmother named sister yoon. she literally is on her deathbed and is SO sick, we visit her every week. we had ourt usual weekly visit with her, but the next day as my companion and i were walking through the rain to an appointment i had a strong feeling that we needed to visit her again. i knew that it didnt make any sense but i told me compnaion. As missionaries, we seriously egt spiritual promptings to do the weirdest things, and sometimes we dont kjnow if its the spirit or our crazy missioneary brain, but my sweet companion didnt question my thought and so we started to go to her house, and then quicker and then quicker, and by the time we approached her door we were practically running up the stairs as the feeling of urgency grew in my heart. i didnt know where this was coming from, but my companion and i were both incredibly afraid that we were going to find the worst. when we barged in the door the sweet old woman wasnt bedridden, like she usually is, but she was sitting at her computer screen playing ..... online checkers. as i was panitng i started mnuttering in korean that i recieved a feeling that we needed to visit her right then. she looked at me and smiled, and then had me help her into her old rockign chair and i redid her hair because it was all over her face and i wanted to make her feel better. we were all silent as i pulled her tangled white hair into her usual two pigtails, and i literally felt so peaceful about it all- maybe it wasnt an emergency, but i truly think that god wanted her to know that even if she was sick and bedridden, there were people who really cared about her and loved her. those ten minutes in her home menat so much to me.

i love you all! im so grateful for this time of year- thanksgiving! i cant believe this time of year is here again, but i really hope that you all enjoy it and remember all the blessings that our Father in Heaven has given to us. 

Sister Pappa

picture stories of the week-
1. my companion and i have switched mittens in order to run a test on whose are the warmest. ingnore the fact that you can totally see my garments in this picture.

2. "cease to cough"- sister kinikini. update- the doctors meds worked! i am free of this cough, and so is my beloved companion.

3.we ran out of toilet paper in our house. and sister collyer had to go potty. obvious solution- buy some at the mart near our house. long story short, we had to buy these tissues, which costed sister collyer 10 dollars.hahahahahahahahh rollingonthe floor laughing.

4. this is the korean version of beef jerky- dried squid heads. yuuuuum.

5.we made a box of kraft mac and cheese (shout out to sister collyers omma,) and then put dried seaweed (kim) in it. it was so good. we put kim in everything. i will miss it so much.

5. fall is beautiful. thats why its my favorite.

6. again.

7. there are these gigantic leaf trees all over this city. we finally took pictures with them.

8. we got this from marsden and the returned home elda merkely. wahhh i love this picture.

9. a classic street proselyting experience. i shouldnt have taken a picture of this but this lady was not accepting the gospel so i did it anway. whoops.

10. my cute companion.

11. canada! also, i loved the color of this wall.

12. fact a- we all know that this coat is ugly. its a long story about why im wearing it. ill tell you later. the point is that my companion and i accidentally bought 2 dozen krispy kreme donuts......... and we didnt regret it all.

13. my compaion and i have matching umbrellas that also match our coats. were adorable, i know.

14. this was the time that we got lost in a shigor area called wonpyung and had no idea where we were. we were dying laughing. im pretty sure it was not even in our zone..... whoops.
15. i had this crazy idea to do a 25 days of christmas with our apartment.... my companion and i worked our butts off at making 100 of these ornaments. shout out to the best scissor user i know! sister collyer was such a champ.

16. im a bossy house leader..... but to soften the bossiness i made a fun chart with fancy chore titles. im gonna be such a good mom. #humility