Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I hope I always remember these things

Its about the temperature of an oven in this country. A three hour proselyting activity in the baking sun left my companion and I with nothing but an awkward conversation I had with an ancient old man and a phone number that Sister Arvanitas and Sister Lee grabbed from a lady who was looking for her lost cat. But hey, thats something right! Combined District Meeting afterwards and a 6 sister sleepover in our apartment. OH! And also while I was proselyted to aforementioned ancient old man a missioanry from another church started proselyting to ME.... so that was awkward.
Elder Cristofferson visited our mission this week! It was so wondeful. I am blessed as a missionary to every once in a while cross paths with those that are called of God as Apostles. It was hands down the most spiritual expereicne I have had on my mission, and one day, when Im home, Id like to tell you more about it. For now it just feels to precious to talk about over email.
After the meeting I met eyes with my last companion. Im still... recovering (I guess you could say) from a lot of stuff that happened with her, but I smiled and said hello. She pulled me from the crowd of missionaries and took my hand. I told her that she looked pretty. And then she got all teary eyed and told me that had been thinking about me and.... and then she couldnt get any more words out. She started bawling and then hugged me so tight and wouldnt let go as she just cried and cried and cried and told me that she was sorry. We told each other that we loved each other. I thanked her for helping me and she thanked me for standing her. I know that maybe we wont be friends like we were before we were companions but I was so grateful in that moment. I was grateful that when I looked in that face of that teary eyed lip quivering Korean girl i saw nothing but a daughter of God. I honestly felt no more bitterness or hatred. I saw her for who she was and I was grateful that in the end,God allowed me to feel that way. I was grateful that we believe in a God who not only commands forgivness but gives the forgivness along with the commandment. I was grateful, and still am, that we believe in a God of kindness. One who exhibits it, and gives it.
Im grateful for this gospel! Im grateful to be preaching it and teaching it and learning more about why it its important and why we need to share it with others. There truly is no greater work that the one that I am blessed to be a part of right now. There is no greater work that extending the love and the joy that we find in this gospel- which is the center and purpose of God's plan for us. I am grateful that I have that truth and can share it with others.
I hope that you are all happy and safe. Cort in your new house, Kassey getting ready to graduate. Mom and Dad on the farm and Casey taking caring of the Afghani babies. I love you all so much!
-Sister Kelsey Pappa


Hi from Korea.
My peeerty MTC companion and I. I look like Im 40 in this picture. We were going to see Elder Cristofferson so we had to like.... do our hair and everything.


Black and White Apartments. 

Transfer 7 (I kid you not.)

I've been so tired this week. We have been traveling and busy out of our minds.
I fell asleep for the third week in a row during Sacrament Meeting. And on the study room floor during exercise time. And two days ago when I was waiting for Sister King to come out of the bathroom at the E Mart I passed out on a box of pineapple.
Its getting soooo hot in Korea. And sticky. SO. STICKY AND HUMID. Im getting funky tan lines on my feet from my sandals. I also acquired a sunburn last week when the Branch President and Oh Han Nur took us to a traditional Korean village in town. Also he planned just for me to go to a calligraphy museum cause he said my Korean handwriting is good. He thinks Sister King and I are his daughters. Its so adorbale.
Transfers! I'm staying in Joongang with Sister King. And we are totally Ok with that. Almost all of the Elders transferred though so we are pretty sad about that. But the Elders who transferred in seem to be really fun. We're excited to see the work thats going to happen in this area.
.... I just spilled water all over this table. And the most logical cleaning solution was to wipe it all up with my skirt. *forehead slap* now my skirt is sopping wet.... my companion thinks that i'm an idiot.
One day this week we had five appointments in one day. And two of them are in the most beautiful little countryside town in our area. We love it there so much.  We came home that day and felt so wonderfully exhausted.
Also we went to Daejeon this week for MLC and I got to spilt with Sister Jacklin. Shes hilarious. I would show her the one picture that we took together but I look so disgusting. My face is so sweaty and I was cursed with this one horrible zit that like, would not go away. Misioanry problems.
WE CLEANED OUR APARTMENT THIS MORNING! It reminded me of how much I lvoe the smell of cleaning supplies. And how I wish that I could just clean it by myself. Like, seriously. I dont like the way thtat other people clean. I dont. Shoot. Im Mom.
I am running out of time. But I just wanted to let you all know how much I lvoe this work. And these people. And my Heavenly Father. I have learned a lot through being a missionary.

.... I just read this email through and its absolutely horrible. Forgive me.))

1. The Geksa. There are Traditional Korean buildings alllll over Junjoo.
2. Stake President put those flowers in our hair...... its was so awkward. Like, hes not creepy. He is like, the most naively innocent person in the world. It hilarious.
3. The Junjoo Stake Presdient.
5. I always find cool art in this city.
4. One last District picture.