Sunday, December 7, 2014

happy happy week.

love you all! sorry this week will just be pictures. they tell my stories a whole lot better :)

see you soon!

1. katy and 혜미 surprised me with a mini birthday party. afterwards we watched the restoration movie and they told me that they believe it happened. best. birthday. ever.
2. you can see my knees. (sorry sister shin.) but my companion and i were sitting on a fish bench and we thought it was so funny.
3. companion love.
4. this one time we got locked out of our apartment and i just got this beauty of a photo on sister collyers camera. she just looked over at the computer and got so mad that i sent this...

Re: happy happy week.

1. this was our thanksgiving. turkey, of course.
2. happy thanksgiving!
3. take two.
4. a cute family in our ward. (this is for maryellen.)

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