Saturday, August 16, 2014

June 30. 2014.

Last night we were all laying in our beds talking about transfer calls and 2 very important things happened-
1/ we realized that you can see our feet tan lines IN THE DARK. (ok like, i was the only one who couldnt see mine. theyre so little. i dont tan.
2/ Sister Son informed me that we have FOUR transfers left. SERIOUSLY. Just 4. And Im starting my 8th next week... is this real life?
Speaking of transfers... we got our calls this morning! And Im staying in Joonang! So happy. Happier than a bug in a rug, seriously. Also, there is only one person in our whole zone who is leaving... soooo unevntful, there is work to be done for all of us!
I wanted to teach you a little bit of Korean today.... 2 words. Just two.
Most commonly our of the mouths of members- 부담. Translation- pressure. (we usually inwardly roll our eyes if they say this.) Members feel pressure about basically everything. EVERYTHING.
Most commonly out of the mouths of non-members- 이단. translation- cult. The people here say that word A LOT. About us, and sometimes about other religions while talking to us. I've heard OUR members say that about other churches too, and I've started to realize that using words like that are not appropriate. They just aren't. Calling another religion (no matter how wrong or right you think you are) a CULT is not ok. We must show respect if we expect to recieve it, and not only because we want to recieve it but just because that's a trait a Christ-like person exhibits. One cannot pass completely correct judgements without all the existing facts, and since we as mortals are physically incapable of acquiring all the facts then there is never permittance to pass judgement. Ever. It's not our job. It never was and never will be.
I was reminded of a memory this week- When I was growing up in California I remember sometimes eating dinner at a neighbor's house- one of another faith. Before the meal we would give a blessing over the food. The way that the family had prayer was different than the way that our church taught, but I never remember my parents refusing to pray in that manner, or telling us kids that it was wrong... we just DID it. Because that was the way they preferred, in their home, in their family. I am grateful that through that example my parents taught me to abide by the 11th Article of Faith-
11 We claim the aprivilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the bdictates of our own cconscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them dworship how, where, or what they may.
Perhaps we need to pay attention to the latter half more than the first. I believe only in this way can we truly learn how to love, even amidst a sea of our differences.
i reaaaaally have to go. no time!
love you all.
sister kelsey pappa
the lily pads are out! holy beautiful. also we met with claire and the park. she was our old investigaotr and shes BACK! i love her to pieces.

look who i found on the street... JEWELS!!!! CASEY! SHES IN KOREA!

elder kim. nuff said.

sometimes im just eating and randomly realize that there are whole fishes in my food. seriously, its like the 3rd time thats happened on my mission. ASIA.

 ....... UP! (someone get this reference... please....?)

met an albino hedgehog this week. nbd.

see that fruit on top of that building?? sister king and me and elder kunzler and elder kim had a debate all week. i said it was a peach.. they said it was an apple. turns out its on top of a butt hospital (we died. what. is. that.) and appartnely in korean if you have a cute butt it looks like an apple... so obviously they put an apple on their butt hospital.... oh my gosh. so weird. we had a good laugh. im so ticked that its not a peach!

this cuuuuuuuute old lady in our ward. so cute. (ignore my sweaty gross face. also if i look like i always wear the same three shirts its cause i do.)

we walked like a thousand miles this day and sister king literally died on her desk when we got home. holy exhaustion.

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