Saturday, August 16, 2014

week one hundred and something. i think.

 feel like im in hell. not because everything is miserable and bad but because its so hot that i think i might actually be baking. saturday was the ward temple trip which meant that we couldnt visit any members. translation- LOTS of Less Active work. we roamed the city for hours in the hot sun. I acquired the weirdest sunburn- one side of my chest a lobster while the other side was freckly and white. moral of the story- dont wear a cross bag if you want an even sunburn. Sister King kept us occupied by descriving, in detail, the plot to The Lord of the Rings. Approximated Time Took- 5 hours. 30 minutes. I now know more about the Lord of the Rings than people who have actually seen it.
do me a favor right now. go to the nearest bathroom, and turn on the sink with the faucet truned allllll the ay to the right. its like ice, right? now imagine that convering your whole body. welcome to the jeonjoo sisters showers for the entire week. ice cold. the hot water in our apartment has been out, and it has been oh so painful. you would think that with my previously mentioned description of the weather that an ice cold shower would feel great. we beg to differ. it was so cold that it hurt. Sister Son screamed through her last one, yelling out korean jibberish. at one point we thought that she was either crying or swearing. maybe both. i have never wanted to not shower so much in my whole life.
zone conference was not that exciting. sister arvanitas and i ate lunch together and sister shin told me that i havent been eating enough. ive eaten a lot of corn lately.
i went to bed early last night.
I never realized how much of a country girl I was until I became companions with my companion. I have, up until now, taught her how to 1. boil an egg (lets NOT talk about this one.) 2. husk corn 3. name various trees and flowers 4. what a beehive looks like 5. what colostrum is. (although i havent milked a cow a day in my life) I am yet to teach her how to sew on a button.
the Elders have an adorable investogator from GHANA! He is so warm an friendly. When he first came to the church one of the rowdy 3 year olds (who sometimes has no pants on) was looking up at him pointing, and kept yelling "WHY ARE YOU BLACK?!"..... in that moment we were really grateful that the sweet man didnt know a lick of Korean. Ignorance is bliss.
OOH! Dayne, you would be so proud of me! I live with a Sister who has MS and she has to give herself shots every few days. She let me do it the other night. I totally felt like a Doctor and was so proud. Shes a brave soul. I think if I was on my deathbed I still couldnt give myself a shot.
Well folks, sorry this is really lame. And scattered. Also sorry that I have been lackign in the letter writing department lately. Sister Kign is going home and Im trying to let her do more of the things that she wants on P Day. (boo.) shopping. (boo.) sight seeing. (also boo. unless its like a hike or something. i hate touristy places.) other stuff. my p days havent really been p days as a of late.
i love you so very much!
love, me. kelsey rae pappa. (sister.)

p day with our stake president. we went to the coolest place ever up in the mountains. i was in love. i thought that this courtyard looked like kung fu panda. so obviously i suggested that we take a picture. best. idea. ever.

i love this country.


i took this picture UNDERWATER! i love my camera.

ok. so sometimes siter kign and i come home and the door to our apartment is half open (cause one of the companionships forgets to shut it all the way) and then we get scared and have to go trhough the whole apartment and make sure that no one is hiding and is gonna kidnap us and harvest our organs (that happens A LOT in Asia. Dont get scared Mom.) But obviously we shouldnt be weaponless while we search out ever corner. So we always go in with umbrellas. nobody wants to mess with a sister missionary holding an umbrella.

corn huskin'

i peer pressured sister king into taking her shoes off. she doesnt like nature. i love it.


us four. we were so happy.

we ate corn with our investigator. 

we went through a TON of records this week. this is my least favorite thing in the world to see.
6. we ate corn with our investigator. 

coldest. shower. of. our. life.

 Sister Son and I had to attend a special meeting after Zone Conference for everyone going home before the end of the year. Then we had to sign this really ridiculous paper that basically says we will still be good and work hard even if the end is near.

spiderman. was at a bus stop.

shiniest spoon.
we had lunch with the stake presdient wife. when WE were on our way to
her house and SHE was walking home from the grocery store, a DOWNPOUR
happened. (monsoon season. they happen all the time.) this was her
reinactment of walking home dripping wet with a cardboard box of groceries.
(note: cardboard. pounring rain. check out that box.) we died laughing.

mary and jesus. or should i say EMMA WATSON. this is hilarious.

downpour. wet shoes. we came home like raisins.

one of my favorite members sent us home with 'this cereal that my
children HATE and wont ever eat'....... FROOT LOOPS. morning faces. blurry
picture. happy girls. i never thought i would be so happy to eat processed
colorful cereals. im turning into kassey......

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  1. Hi, would you know the name for this picture of Mary with Jesus, the one that looks like Emma Watson? Thank you