Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 10. 2014.

last week of the transfer! this one will have to be fast, im kinda low on time... already. whoops.
i got transfer calls! Sweet Sister Lyon will be my new companion. she is darling- my younger dongi in the MTC. Im really excited to work with her in this area.
Sister King is off this week! I can hardly believe three transfers with her are already over.  i will miss her a ton, i wont lie.
ok, the week will have to be in pitcures.
highlights from this week-
. heard the entire plot to the emperors new groove. somebody go watch it for me. by proxy. i almost peed my pants just hearing sister king and collyer tell me the PLOT.
. stacked cups with my two favorite boys.
. translated for a little primary girl from idaho. i made most of it up.
.felt the spirit REALLY strongly after a message that elder barney shared. he bawled his way through it. it was really touching.
. i tried every sidedish at district lunch. i almost threw up. be brave pappa.

 we surprised sister king with batbinsoo and some fun stuff. this is the only picture sister arvanitas could take and my garments are showing.

we're cute.

i got this in the mail.... a year in korea is sneakin up on me.

cup stackin.

this family is my favorite.

koreans trying to teach english... we died.

 it poured almost every day. #happykelsey

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