Monday, November 10, 2014

week 5 of the transfer.‏

so, this week my companion was sick with a monster cold. one day, when i forced her to rest, (and pretty much sister shin too) i got a lot of things done-
1. 4 loads of laundry.
2. Cleaned the Kitchen.
3. Deep Cleaned the Bathroom.
4. Made Muffins
5. Washed my comp's bedding.
6. Folded the other Sister's laundry.
7. And Put up Christmas Decorations. (although my companion was totally participant in this activity.)

i could be wrong but i think this is the part people are referring to when they say 'you know, missions are good preperation for marriage and motherhood.)

a few drunk guys got in our way this week. one of them came up to us on the bus and started making the crazied scene, yelling at us about how we arent allowed to eat apples at night (we were eating apples... and it was night.) then he got super close to my face with his nasty sojoo breath and said 
EVENING APPLES...... NO. and took them from our hands and threw them in the trash. booooooooooooooo.
also the other one was a guy we proselyted to who took sister marsdens waterbottle out of her hand and then poured water all over himself (he was attempting to take a drink.... fail.)
and there you have it folks, there was our week. (plus some miracles and spiritual experiences. i wish that i thought of writing those first but im relaly short on time and should send pictures. love you !


love, sister kelsey are pappa

wow... i literally took two pictures this week. forgive me.
1. this is a crazt story i will now tell in one big sentence.
i saw all these cool pottery exhibit posters around town and wanted to go and then our less active member gave us a referral and it was the same lady and then she gave us 40 dollar homeade mugs and sister marsden and i were so happy.\2. the prettiest country. 

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