Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy halloween!‏

i feel bad that i left you all without any cool spiritual expereinces last week.. (bad. missionary.) this week was a lot better! 
we had our halloween party at the hungduk ward, and two of our investigators came! i refused to wear a costume because im not 5 years old and my companion was sad. (im sorry sister marsden! im too prideful to apologize in words....#gonnagoreadPMGchapter6)
also our sweet invetigator cancelled on us TWICE this week, we were way sad. (that was a really poorly written sentence.)
i honestly have no idea what to write right now... um. the week was good! here are some pictures!
i love you all!!!!
sister pappa

1. this is one of my favorite children in the world. everyone loves the pappa boots. 
2. our belived christmas tree. ahhhhhhhhh (heart)
3. this is basically all that happens at district meeting...
4. hungduk sangdang! everyone in this picture is each so different. i like that.
5. our harmoni. she is hilarious. had no idea we were taking a picture. also, during our photo session sister marsden was breaking her DVD player.
6. had to call people outside cause we showed up at an appointment really early.... and ended up sitting in these little kid bouncy things in a park (missioanry appropriate?) could hardly get out of the thing...
7. ok, this day will be explained later when i can tell you in person. but basically this night consister of...... the worst member appointment ever, a bag of oranges, NO money, a nice old man who left his bus card at home, walking alongside a highway in the dark, and having to cancel our appointment cause a tazxi driver wouldnt accept our oranges instead of won...... and there ya have it folks.
8.halloween pancaked, courtesy of our hawaiian, KINIKINI.

p.s fgot transfer calls! Ill be in Sangdang with Sister Collyer! She is one of my favorite people. love her and am happy that she is the one that will send me home.

love you all!!!

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