Monday, November 10, 2014

the last first day.‏

ive been really lacking in the email department lately, forgive me?
well, sister marsden has gone away to gwangju and sister collyer and i are having fun readjusting to a new companionship (ive had 1 transfer companions 3 times in a row now... crazy weird.)
we havent been able to meet with a lot of our investogators this week, but a LOT of people wanted to say goodbye to sister marsden (she is very loved) and so we got a lot of presents and a lot of people cried. so it was a good week i guess.

yesterday we had a crzy cool member visit where the sister told us the story of how she decided to go on a mission. i wish i had time to write the whole thing but im running out. she also fed us spaghetti (like, with real cheese) and sister collyer and i are still sick from it. i dont know how im gonna eat in america...

i love you all!!
-sister kelsey rae pappa

here are some pictures-

(this is for sister marsden.)
we have a member who owns a BED store. its been a year since i slept in a bed. so when our member went upstairs with a customer we tested them all out. this was our favorite.
normal bus occurence. (guy with 5 giant bags of cabbage.) sister marsden thought i was taking a picture of her. whoops.
sohyun tried to teach me how to hulahoop this day. i was so bad at it. partially because sister marsden and i had to switch skirts because.... its a long story. but the moral is that if you want to be a good hula hooper you have to wear good clothes.

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