Sunday, November 16, 2014

the week, told through some pictures.‏

hello all,

this week was the best! i seriously am feeling so much joy in the tail end of my mission. this is all going by so fast and I am enjoying all the little moments!
We are having some great success with investigators. No crazy Ensign worthy stories, but lately we have taught the Restoration lesson like every day and I am always amazed that the story NEVER gets old. Its never loses its power. It really happened and I can feel the reality of it everytime I teach it!

1. This night we just really wanted ice cream. Sister Collyer is the queen of spontaneous adventures. I love her for it. Also, if its looks like Im wearing a buttload of makeup its just cause the lighting is wacko and I also stole Sister Marsdens eyeshadow.
2. Decided to wear all of my tags, then forgot that I was wearing all of them.
3. An Update that really only my parents would care about. STILL SICK. (Dad, can you please tell me more about blessings? In my belssing of health I was told that I wouldnt have to deal with this for long but its been a month.... so confused about fath and healing.) People have been Korean advicing me up the yinyang- Wear a scarf always. Eat Ice Cream. Sleep with a wet towel over your entire face (my favorite.) the members are all getting impatient with me not going to the hospital "IF YOU DONT GO TO THE HOSPITAL THEN PEOPLE WILL STOP COMING TO CHURCH!'  -Gramma Cha. Then yesterday during church the doctor in our ward ran out to his car and gave me some medicine to take because the coughing is so bad that I just gag. (that detail probably wasnt necessary....) anywho, im now quarantined to my apartment until this can stop, but some prayers would be wonderful, for me and my companion! (shes caught it too!) on the bright side, so much heeving might result in Jillian Michaels abs. (blessings of sickness.) moving on.....
4. BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!!!! I was overly happy. This was the best day of missionary working. My companion and I were SO happy! THanks for everyone who contributed. I am the luckiest missionary.
5.Waffle smoothie for lunch. This was the best picture Sister Collyer could take.

Hey, I love you all! Remember the God loves you too :)

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