Monday, November 10, 2014

Kelille Marpa- Week 3.‏

So im halfway doen with probably the only transfer with Sister Marsden and we are learning a lot and having fun. 
Our investigators are kinda on the digressing side. We have an investigator, Tiffany, who we are really trying to figure out how to teach right now. She knows that the church is true but she doesnt want to get baptized because she knows that once she makes the promise and convenant with Heavenly Father she knows that she wont be able to keep it perfectly. We reminded her, that as Elder Scott once mentioned, 'The Lord sees weaknesses differently than he sees rebellion.' But she still wouldnt have it. Our next reminder is that once we have a knowledge of the truth God expects us to act on that knowledge, whether we are bound by a baptismal covenant or not. We are held responsible for the knowledge that we hold, and as it says in the scriptures- " But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only" -James 1:22 
Also we picked up a Chinese investogator this week. She knows literally nothing about reigion or God and refers to religious people as "The Believers". She has never seen a church in China in her entire life and has no concept of God or any sort of religious practice. How do you start from square one? Who is God, and why do we need Him?
Conference was INCREDIBLE. Im still on such a spriritual high. I cant choose a favorite, but all the talks offered me with something I could grow and learn from. (Sidenote for Elder Preisler- That one young guy looked EXACTLY like you but way older. Sister Marsden and I kept saying it the whole talk. Craziness.)
Also, when I watched the video of the Korean girls I cried. That is my country! My language! My Korea! I was so excited. Also the other Sister and I just giggled and smiled knowing we knew what those little girls were saying. BAHHHH KOREA.
Sister Kinikini and Marsden taught me how to do the cup song, and weve been singing hymns with cups all week. 
I saw a pug yesterday, Super happy. Also afterwards I started proselyting to this man on the street who startled me by saying "WHOA. You like, actually sound like a Korean." I always get so caught off guard when someone who looks like a native ends up being from Australia. Super funny.
All is well out here! Sangdang is great. The Church is True. God loves us all.

Sister Kelsey Rae Pappa 

ps. i forgot my card reader again. boooooo next week double pictures! 

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