Monday, November 10, 2014

The Marpa Diaries: Week 2.‏

Sister Marsden and I came up with a companionship name. We laughed really hard at our own joke because we think we're hilarious.
This week was pretty darn busy. We had comined zone conference with Chunan and I got to see so many of my mission friends. I am so blessed to be with so many incredble people on my mission. My ZL is grumpy but my DL is half mexican and told me hes gonna make burritos for Sister Marsden and me though, so all is well.
"Elder Bruce, where did you buy tortillas?" "Sister Pappa, is your question actually not that you want to know where I bought tortillas, but that you actually just really want a BURRITO?" "........... yes." i miss mexican food more than america.
We taught a super cute chubby girl Lessons 4 and 5 before she gets baptized next week. As I was teaching her about the Law of Chastity I told her that its a way that we keep our bodies clean and asked how she can keep her body clean. She screamed out "Bath House!!!"... Sister Marsden and I died.
Also, I am super happy to live with my Dongi sista, KINIKINI! Native of Hawaii. Rommate from the MTC. I am learning so many facts about Hawaii. Did you know that there are only certain people that can go onto certain islands?! Hawaii is so interesting. I even made her do a hula dance to this Lilo and Stitch song that I have on my iPod. Shes adorable and Im glad that we get to go home together.
Other happenings:
. Sister Marsden and I are having so much fun, and my testimony is really being strengthened by her. We have a lot of good gospel discussions.
. I had to touch a disgusting cat at a members house yesterday. It was so gross and I used much hand sanitizer afterwards.
. We had a training in Zone Conference on cleaning and it literally was everything that I had previously reiterated to my companion. I am such a clean freak now that I seriously sometimes cant concentrate on anything else. I dont understand how anyone could feel the spirit if their house was a disaster. 
. I had WHEAT BREAD at the same meeting. I almost cried. It was heaven.
. I forgot William and Cortneys birthdays... AH! I remembered Monday night. HAPPY HAPPY BIRHDAY! SANGEEER CHOOKHA HAYYOOOOO!!!!! love you all oodles.

i love you all!! thanks for all the wonderful emails i got this week. i am always strengthed by your words (and pictures). i miss you and lvoe you.

sister kelsey pappa

(these are all out of order. some are from my last area.)
1. leaving elder holt. he is hilarious. and also really ridiuclous. im really gonna miss that missionaries in jeonju. :(
2. theres a SUBWAY inm y new area. not. kidding. i wont tell you how much MSF Sister Marsden and I have spent there.....
3. cat poster.
4. graffiti.
5. bus picture fail exhibit a,
6. exhibit b.
7. i didnt actually mean to attach this picture but ill tell you anyway that every morning sister marsden and i will just lay in our yos and tell each other about the weird dreams that we had. they are almost always about missionary work. its in our brains even when we're asleep...

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