Sunday, November 2, 2014


ive had this cold for almost a month and now have been cursed with a week long stomach bug. BAHHHHHHHH. at an appointment with kimmiyoung she requested to talk with sister shin on the phone and is now taking me to the hospital today. (dont worry mom and dad. you dont have to pay anything. her friend is th doctor.) i fought against it for the two and a half hours we were there. but after her korean whining and scolding, i asked "왜 가야돼요?!" (why do i have to go?!) .... "파파의엄마 이니까!" (because i am your mom.) *sigh* korean hospitals are different. and their entire idea of helathcare is different too. theyre going to give me and IV and a buttload of medicine because kimmiyoung is concerned that i have pneumonia. (korea.) wish me luck! poor sister lyon will have to deal with the 'sister pappa meets needles.' NOT. a pretty picture. (sweaty crying, nauseous dizzy panicky sister pappa.)

also we have an appointment to eat pig intestines and ears with this older guy in our ward today. pday isnt p day.

despite the beginning paragraph, i have been really happy lately. i love this area and the members. im growing and learning and im happy about it all. 
picture time!

love you love you love you. 

1) after tofu donkas with the elders investigator who loves to be with us. hes hilarious. 
2) elder holt baked a cake for district meeting. put on your paula dean face elder holt! hes my favorite. we are nothing like each other but hes hilarious. "eler holt, what flavor is this cake?" "idk, the box just said "purple" and "orange" flavor.".... concerning.
3) we ate like wild animals. #americanfood.
4) cleaning the baptismal font. joonang had a baptism!!!
5) MOM I GOT THE PACKAGE!!! HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. sister lyon requests to smell all the fall stuff everyday, and i literally have worn these two shorts everyday since i got them. 
6) my pretty desk (fallified.) that thing above the picture of the fambam says 'eternal'.

1-3) Just a bunch of companionship slefies. we just had the most awkward lesson with our investigator and needed some cheering up.

4) i was obsessed with this filter on my camera this week. this picture was an accident but it kinda looks like i should be in a j. crew ad so i obviously wantet to share it with everyone. #humility.

5) more korean legos. so. funny.

6) spent some time trying to tech sister lyon how to draw a flower. dying laughing

1) got all alisa burke (roma is the only one who knows what im talking about, right?) with some leaves for my favorite member. she loved them so much.

2) and last but not least, a portion of my picture wall, with my newest addition- elder oehler. sometimes we take horrible pictures for our free english flyers. this beauty was given to me as a gift for doing elder holt a favor. hahahahahah

LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!!! we should be getting transfer calls any minute now but no sign yet.... next week i probably will be in a new area (booooooooo so SAD)

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