Sunday, November 2, 2014

Less than 100 Days

Hello All!
Some special messages for some special people:
Piper: Your favorite aunt will be sending you a letter very soon. Thank you for all of your pretty pictures. I cant wait to draw with you when you get home!
Leann: I totally forgot to reply to your little note last week. Who knew that Korean KPop stars would be famous all the way out in Peru? So. Random. Btw Boys over Flowers is a drama here. I'll tell you more about them one day.
Casey: YOURE HOME!!! So happy. Thank you for being safe and doing some really good things for our famiy and our country :) 사랑해!!! 진짜.
Mom: NO sign of the package yet. Since it was Korean Thanksgiving the PO was closed for 4 of the 5 days it was open this week. I was SO. MAD. (ask my companion if you are doubting.)
Also, Sister Arvanitas complained to me that my email was too short last week, so if you are reading this, THIS IS FOR YOU SYDNEY!! (also for my family. you guys are important too.) goodness gracious, so demanding.
Happenings of this week-
. I affectionately call the missionaries serving in our ward "The Sick District". We all have come down with something or other in the last transfer. E. Kunzler has lost alteast 8 pounds in the last 6 weeks from some weird stomach illness that he literally always has. E. Oehler and E. Holt and I caught and AWFUL cold. They recovered, although I am on week 3 of fighting it. It literally will not go away. Yesterday we all entertained ourselves by counting how many times I sneezed. Sunday count- 58. Not. kidding. E. Ahn's saliva gland in his jaw stopped working and made a giant bump on the side of his face. That companionship has spent almost every day this week in the hospital or at home resting. And as for me? I hurt my back while cleaning the bathroom floor this week. I think the term is called "throwing your back out"? Am I right, Dad? Ive seen you say that so many times. OH MY GOSH IT IS SUCH A REAL THING! I literally couldnt do anything but lay down for a whole day. Miserableness. Your back is an important part of your body. Between a really wodnerful blessing and 3 days of alternating between ice and heat, I am no longer an 85 year old and can work a little bit better than when I originally hurt it. (Although something still is pinched or pulled or soemthing.) CURSE ILLNESSES!
pray for us 6 kids. we need it.
. i watched a mormon message made in some spanish speakign country and i had to turn the korean subtitles on cause i couldnt understand what they were saying. evidence of the switch of second languages. 한국어 할수있다!
I sniffed peppermint oil up my nose at a members house. weirdest experience of my life. it felt illegal.
.Hit my one year mark in Korea! We hung up Flyers all day and I was sick. Booooo.
.This monster spider almost attacked me this week. I was on the phone with Elder Holt in the process. It was a horrible experience but we died laughing.
. Taught a little member girl in our ward the first lesson before she gets baptized in October. I summoned a bunch of young women and a few primary kids to help me. It was super fun, and I was really amazed to see the testimonies of the youth be borne to a little girl who was preparing to recieve baptism. As I was talking to one of the YW's dads afterwards I noticed how grateful he was that we had included her in an opportunity to serve, and I felt grateful that we bleong to a church that is a family. We are all here to help each other learn and be better.
Love you all!
Sister Kelsey Pappa

ive been reading jesus the christ lately. it is changing my mission. i love learning about the savior. also, check out how sickly i look in this picture. horrible.

lately i love taking pictures of the sky. the colors are so pretty,

korean legos! (kade, this is for you!)

LeeJoonSooks family. They are my favorite.

there are street paintings EVERYWHERE in this country.

elder smith and i gettin crafty on thanksgiving. 'this is my crafty face' -e. smith
ok funny story, this is elder merdocj climbing out of the window of the the three story stake center becuase the door to the bishops office was locked. we were all nervously laughing the whole time.
20 year olds dont always have good ideas.... nobody tell president shin.

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