Monday, October 7, 2013

September 29

Fall is finally here in the great country of Korea. And I LOVE IT. Hands down my very favorite season. Things have been busy this week (whats new) In the past 7 days I have-
1. Attended a Wedding
2. Helped run a FIVE hour primary activity
3. Looked alllll over Gwanju for a store that sells a plunger. (Our apartment vowed to not go into further detail on this subject. Whats happens in the apartment stays in the apartment.)
4. Fed 50 vicious Korean Grandmas and Grandpas lunch in a park for a service project.
5. Fortunately escaped a 33 year old man who fell in love with me at said wedding and was highly convinced that I looked EXACTLY like Jennifer Love Hewitt. He was craaaaaazy.
6. Got completely lost in Gwanju without a phone and had-
.All our District Elders
.4 Cars of Members
.The Bishop
...looking for us. This is what happens when yous mission president leaves 10 companionships withouts phones for THREE weeks. 
So you could say I'm a bit exhausted. But the best kind of exhaustion! The very very best. 
The language is coming so very very very slow. In fact, I think it might just kill me. Sundays are the worst because I just sit through three hours of meetings and understand only words like faith or Heavenly Father. This Sunday was a little bit better though, my companion and I decided to go to primary and just our luck, got a sneak peek at the primary program! SO SO cute. I swear that Koreans make the cutest children on the planet. My very favorite was when they sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". I dont ever remember singing that song when I was in Primary- Its so beautiful!
Also, I finished the Book of Mormon for the very first time in Sacrament Meeting. THE VERY FIRST TIME. And I really love it. I really really do. So you could say this Sunday was a bit more productive than my last few where I sit back and daydream for three hours. Its SO hard to get your brain to pay attention when people are going off in foreign languages.
Everyone says it will come but sometimes it is so hard to believe that. I know I need to be more patient with myself. 
WILLIS, Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! I miss you bunches and wish I could squeeze your chubby little cheeks. Your aunt loves you very very much. 
Cort and Dayne- Make sure you let him eat as much cake as he wants, K?
For those who are questioning the bath house-
Its basically a huge room with a few hot tubs, a swimming pool. a bunch of open showers and saunas. The split up men and women and you usually spend a few hours hanging out with like 50 other ladies. Theres just one catch- Youre completely naked. Sounds kinda weird, but 'When in Rome'... right? 
The cutest little girl named Minchi is getting baptized in two weeks and she is the darn cutest thing I have ever seen. I adore her. She is slightly mentally handicapped and very very quiet. But she listens SO well in the lessons and tries her best to answer all the questions. We teach her English too and she does SO well. She is such a smart little girl. I probably could talk about how much I love her for hours. 

Well, this was the most unorganized email in the world, but know that I love you all and miss you quite a lot. (Dad, at church yesterday a Dad put their daughter in an arm bar and my eyes welled up with tears. I miss that, a lot.)

XO Sista Pappa
최여정 자매님 and her hideous little cat.
Her and I got creative and whipped this out one night. I
snt the Seaoul temple BEAUTIFUL?! She is such an impressive artist.
Asian Baby trying to grab my camera. OH. MY. GOSH. I WANT THIS BABY.
Mama, I'm getting rice face. Can you tell??
I am so lucky to have roommates who love being creative. 
Sister Choi drew me. (on the right) Apparently I am either super passive or super cranky. 
Maybe a little bit of both.

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