Sunday, November 24, 2013

I love 첨단.

Onyong Kajok!

I hope that your weeks were all great. Thanks for all the love and support that you sent my way this week! (and prayers too!) i got a few letters (and a package!) this week from all of you. just so you know, i cry every time i read any of your letters, my companion probably thinks im a nutter but i cant help it- I LOVE YOU GUYS!
First things first- HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Because we are completely cut off from the world, my district got a tad confused and accidentally celebrated Thanksgiving THIS week. And thanks to big sister, I JUST now discvered that indeed, the rumor is true, thanksgiving is THIS week. Better early than never right? (slight phrase alteration)
Ok, I LOVE MY WARD. Transfer calls are in a week and part of me wants to stay in Chumdeon, although I am ok with whatever President throws my way. 
We had the BEST Sunday yesterday. I know that you guys have no idea who these people are and could care less about these tedious details but i don't even care, im going to tell you anyway!
Baby Maroo celebrated his first birthday! First birthdays in Korea are HUGE. Like, wedding reception huge. Funnest thing of my life. The Gwangju stake YW put on a Project Runway Gwanju Korea and all the YW made clothes and at the end they dressed in traditional Korean dresses. So beautiful! Someday I hope I get a calling in the Young Womens, because they are just my favorite. 
Dabin came to church! I sat with her and juna in the back while a member of the stake presidency sat with us and taught melmas 3 year old ninja moves. Gotta love Asia.KimBoMin and her husband and daughter came too. MIRACLE OF ALL MIRACLES. The ward babies ran around the chapel as talks were given. Korean mothers just let their kids wander around aimlesley and the entire ward passes around the kids. I love it. 
I love this ward. I love that the Young Men arm wrestle with the leaders. I love that the bishops wife always holds my hands and laughs when I make a joek. (in Korean! I can atually do that now!) I love the steam from the rice cookers that got Elders Hughes's suit wet that one time in Sunday School (yes, rice cookers in sunday school) and i love the way that the primary kids know my name and always yell PAPA CHAMENIM! and the fact the 6 year old pak girl still calls me "goyangi sunsangnim" (cat teacher- from the halloween party) I love that im starting to understand the language more and more everyday, and that i knew enough to know that Elder Allen was changing Sister Starks words when he translated her talk on Sunday.
I love that our ward has a youth orchestra, and that because these kids are geniuses, that they play the cello and flute and violin and piano like pros.

And i love my mission.

And i love all of you.

xoxo sister pappa

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