Monday, December 16, 2013

Second Week in Ghetto City.‏

Hello All,
Remember when I told you I was getting transferred? And I told you that I was basically going from LA to Oklahoma?
Well if Oklahoma is ultra sketchy, full of weird creepy guys and strange alleywayways and you never want to go outside at night because you are afraid that you might become the next subject of a CSI episode, then YES. I have been transferred to somewhat of an Oklahoma.
(now dont get too upset mom, i promise that i am being watched over by angels for sure.)
But literally this week I thought I was going to die.
One night this week, my companion and I walked to a less active members house. It was dark and there literally was NO ONE on the street we were walking on. As we turned down the alleyway where she lived, there was a classic creepy whistling wind. Something moved in one of the shadows and my companion and I practically peed our pants.
Now I know that all of you who are reading this know me, and that I probably am the whimpiest person in the whole world, but I SWEAR THIS WAS THE SCARIEST THING OF MY LIFE. As we knocked on the gate to the members house, the angriest sounding dogs started howling and the member grumpily motioned for us to go inside the house as she took a quick trip to the outhouse that was in her 'courtyard.' (and yes, i just said OUTHOUSE.) Her house was a disaster. She fed us Chinese date tea and to end the meeting she gave us a few persimmons for the road. rewind, i meant rotting persimmons. they were literally leaking juice onto my hands.
so now that i basically provided you with this seemingly useless information, I would just like to say that I support all my fellow missionaries who are in the field right now. During this visit, I undoubtedly thought of my sweet friend Leann, who is in some village of Peru, teaching families with no money to spare, or mothers who are trying their best to provide for their children without a male figure to support them.
I thought of her and I thought of ALL of my dear friends who are out, doing the same things as I am right at this very moment. I feel connected to them.
And not only do I feel connected to them, but I feel connected to all of you as well. I know that in each of our lives, we are each enduring hardships. For the mothers, I know that they are enduring the trials of raising children, only to feel burdened with the responibility when they feel like they havent quite measured up. For fathers, they might be burdened with having to endure the long day, working for hours only to come home and work some more, all with keeping a smile on their face and trying to be an example to all those who he keeps under his wing. And for the missionaries, I know that we are all weighed down by dark nights and creepy alleyways and just trying so hard to do our best as we wear the name of the Savior on our nametags.
Our zone is doing an interesting project this transfer, we are reading the entire Book of Mormon. I came across the most wonderful verse as I was reading this week-
 20 My God hath been my asupport; he hath led me through mine bafflictions in the wilderness; and he hath preserved me upon the waters of the great deep.
Even if my thoughts might be trivial, and my problems might seem small, I know that whatever role we play in this life is not only known to God, but it is supported by him. The world can at times be a wilderness, a stormy sea. But I bear my testimony to all of you that no matter where you are in this world right now, the Lord is supporting you and preserving you.
know this.
I pray for each of you every single, and hope that you are all happy in whatever place you may be.
xo sister pappa

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