Friday, August 9, 2013

Letter #5 MTC

Is it p day? IT WAS JUST P DAY. This week has been pretty overwhelming. I have been exhausted, frustrated, annoyed, hurt, offended, EXHAUSTED, hungry, confused, blissfully happy, excited and probably 15 other emotions. And this easily happens in the course of one day as a missionary.
This week consisted of-
1// Explaing the difference between a ghost and a spirit to our investigator. WAIT, is there one?? Haha try doing that in Korean.
2// Our investigator asking us how autism is incorporated into the Plan of Salvation. Lets just say our Korean vocab in the field of "learning disabilites" is lacking.
3// My companion seeing her FAMILY! Her brother came to the MTC this week to get set apart by a member of the MTC presidency and we got to see her parents and siblings. Let me tell you that there is no greater feeling than watching a family open their eyes at the end of a setting apart blessing to see their daughter sitting next to them. (We snuck in the room in the middle of the prayer) IT WAS SO TENDER. And then there was me, awkwardly standing in the corner as everyone bawled and hugged and each other. And I was all.. "Hi, I'm just your daughters companion." It was probably the sweetest gathering I have ever seen.
We are becoming more acquainted with the new missionaries in our zone. The oldest district leaves next week which means that WE WILL BE THE OLDEST. This is insane. I truly belive that the Asian speaking missionaries are some of God smartest people. (really, excluding me.) there is a kid in our zone who goes to HARVARD and one to Yale and another who is currently attending MIT. Like, what the heck am I doing in this zone. I AM NOT A QUARTER AS SMART AS THESE PEOPLE. My companion and I are pretty blown away by these people.
As amazing as the missioanries in my zone are, I love the missionaries in my district. Our favorite time is gym time. I WOULD DIE WITHOUT THAT HOUR OF PLAYING FOUR SQUARE. truly. And yes, I said four square. yes, like that game you played in the third grade.
I dont have much time but i want to share one scripture with you before I leave to finish my laundry- D&C 4:4
 For behold the afield is white already tobharvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up incstore that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul;
As missionaries, this scripture is constantly mentioned. The field is white! There are souls that have been prepared by God to recieve this glad message. As if I didnt love this scripture as it is, my companion mentioned something to me this week that made my heart almost burst- I have been called to serve in Daejeon, Korea. Do you know what Daejeon means?
Big. Field.
I have the best mission in the world.
xo sister pappa

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