Saturday, August 17, 2013

Letter #6 MTC

Was trying to think of something other than "Happy P Day" to start this email with, but my brain kinda feels like a bowl of soggy scrambled eggs from too much Korean. In other words, please excuse my lack of creativity at this time. 
This week has been a great one.
We had the privilege of hearing from Elder Richard G. Scott in our Tuesday night devotional. The spirit was so strong and I honestly can say that I have never experienced that kind of congregational reverence as the Marriot center FILLED with missionaries sat teary eyed as Elder Scott gave us an apostolic blessing to all the missionaries who were learning a foreign language.
It was such a sacred expereience.
The language has been going really well. My companion and I are starting to understand our investigator (who is our Korean teacher, and a native Korean) ALOT better than before. Although he is native Kroean, even the other natives in our building say that he speaks faster than any other Korean they have ever met. So not to brag but I'm gonna give myself a few gold stars for generally understanding what this guy is trying to say.
Korean is so complicated but also so fun. I LOVE THIS LANGUAGE.
Happenings of the Week//
1. Between Elder B. and I- "Sister Pappa, Those two Elders were just checking you out, you wanna know what I wanted to say to them?!"
"Hey, don't you look at her like that, CAN'T YOU SEE SHE'S A NUN?!" that. movie.
2. An Elder in our districts friend sent him bubbles. When we feel like we need a break to party a little, we pull out the bubbles, whip out our colored flashlights (Also a random package gift we've recieved) turn off the lgihts and replay the first 40 seconds of the Brandon Flowers "I'm a Mormon" video. We know it's pathetic, but we work with what we got. (Side Note, my companion and I sit back and laugh, its really only the Elders who cant contain themselves. Theyre 18, give em a break.)
3. The return of the worst cold in the world. Remember like a month ago when I got that? Well pretty much everyone in our zone has it. We are so grateful that we are surrounded by so many worthy priesthood holders so that everyone can get belssings of healing and kick this thing to the curb. Satan is the worst.
4.  My companion and I got a taste of the outside world and someone emailed us a picture of Kate Middletons new baby. GUYS, I dont even care about Kate Middleton but I was so excited to see something from NOT the MTC that suddenly kate Middleton is my favorite person.
5. Everyone in my District is trying their very hardest to contract some illness so that they can go to the health clinic a block away. Elder B. had a reaaaaallly bad "earache" and so him and his companion went and had it checked out. While Elder B. was meeting with the doctor, Elder W. his comapnion was flipping through a copy of Utah Valley magazine and FOUND HIS COMPANION IN IT. Apparently Elder B. forgot to mention to us that he is a musical genius and happens to be famous. Elder W. ripped out the picture and we have it hung up in our classrom with Elder B.s autograph. We feel pretty excited to be in his family.
6. Me, Elder J. and Elder B. are having a contest to see who can gain the most weight while they are here. We figure that when we get to Korea all of the chub will just float away due to excessive illness from too much Asian food. So why not be a little crazy while we are here.
It kinda makes sense, right?

Side Note/Caps Letter Annoucement of the Week- MY BABY SISTER GOT HER LICENSE. Is this real life? Good job Kass, but no matter how hard you try you will never be as good of a driver as I am.

3 More Weeks until Korea! Life is wonderful. My testimony of this gospel grows each day I am here. I see the way a persons eyes light up when we teach them every Friday night in TRC. I feel the love of Heavenly Father each time that someone bears their testimony. I know that this work is organized of Heavenly Father and I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

사 랑 해 요 !
XO Sista Pappa

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