Friday, August 23, 2013

Letter #7 MTC

Im not really afraid I just cant believe it came this fast. Its bizarre.
Nothing much has happened this week so I apologize beforehand to everyone who is reading this blog who immediately just lost interest because SURPRISE everyone, the MTC gets a bit monotonous.)
Although I am getting pretty creative with my food.
I took the hot wings and cut them up and put them on a salad and if I didnt know where I was I might as well have been at wingers cause IT WAS GOOD.
Also, the chocolate chip cookies here are the worst because they have WAY too many cholcoate chips.
Really. Thats a legitimate complaint because I say so.

Korean has been coming along this week. We were reading the book of Mormon in class and was suddenly clearly aware of my surroundings becuase 2 months ago, we were all a group of strangers who just spoke English and now here we were, READING KOREAN together.
I cant even explain that feeling. It was insane.

I'm not exactly homesick but I definitely am PEOPLESICK. (Look, Im making up words now) For example- While walking to theTuesday night devotional an Elder walked by me who smelled exactly like Dayne and I got SO DEPRESSED. Im pretty sure no one in the world can miss their brother in law as much as i did in that moment.
Also, I got the greatest package from the Bonzos (and the shoes, finally, MOM THESE ARE THE GREATEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE) and I LOVE MY FAMILY.
Kade- Your bunny is the greatest. I showed everyone in my district and now they know that a bunnys tail is called a scut. You are th e smartest 7 year old I know.
Pipa- Your drawing was so cute. I wish I could be there to pinch your cheeks and let you use my watercolors. I miss you so much.
William- Your rocks were so pretty! I like the little green ones but my favorite is the big round stone. They are sitting on my desk and I look through them when I miss you.
Cort & Dayne- Those pictures were hilarious. I think I showed them to everyone in my District atleast twice. I dont care if no one cares, I HAVE THE CUTEST NIECE AND NEPHEW.
Thank you everyone for your letters and emails. I hope you know that even if I dont have time to reply to them all immediately, I read and reread and reread them all every day. I have never felt so much love and support as I do on my mission.
I miss you and love you all!
XO Sister Pappa

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