Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Welcome to Korea

Remember in the MTC when I thought I could speak Korean? If there ever was a prideful person on this earth it would be me. I SPEAK NO KOREAN. Literally nothing. These people might as well be trying to get a squirrel to understand them. 
It's that bad.
Aside from that,
I wish you could see the smile I've had on my face this week. I am still in shock from how much I love it.

In the first two days of being here I-
Handed out my first Book of Mormon
Went to a Bath House with the Sisters (Theres nothing like beign completely naked for 2 hours with 5 missionaries and 15 old Korean ladies to get you really close REALLLY fast)
Had an old Korean guy hold my hand while casually walking down the street. NOT. OK.
And this one which literally happened within 2 minutes of each other- 
A random guy on the street walked up to me and without one word, handed ME a Book of Mormon. Super random. 20 seconds later this (basically) homeless woman walks up to me and pulls out this  bag that looked like was pulled from a Burger King dumpster and pulled out a handful of Rice Cakes and shoved them in my hand. She acted like she just met Justin Bieber or something. She was practically munping up at down at the sight of a short little white girl walking the streets of Daejeon. So cute.

I am in a ward in Chamdeon which is in Gwanju (South of Daejeon, South of Seoul) My trainer is Sister Spencer from California and she is incredible. 
She turned to me the yesterday and said "Sister Pappa, I would so date you if I was a guy."
Basically we're in love with each other. Instant best friends! I have been SO lucky with companions.
The ward in Chamdeon is INCREDIBLE.
 Its like a missionarys dream ward. All of our investigators are member referrals and even the PRIAMRY kids get us referrals. There are TEN missionaries in our ward and they want to make our ward into a stake. Chamdeon is on fire and our mission president is super excited about it.
Even the less active member give us referrals which is so great. This area is amazing.

There is so much I want to say and tell you all about but i am running low on time.
i miss and love you all!

coalbee- WHERE ARE YOU. 
dayne- i got your email and i loved it so much. i dont have time to reply to all of it. maybe i will write you and cort a letter! i miss you so much, and the babies tooo. everyone who looks through my picture book is so impressed when they see you in your white lab coat. and then they ask if youre a doctor and i just say yes because thats basically the only thing i know how to say in this language. i miss you and love you guys very much.
jessie- what is your address? AH YOURE IN ITALLLLY. i have a monster letter to send you. be excited.
mona bee- i ordered that coat in XS. (i know, so delayed) I NEVER GOT A LETTER FROM YOU. wahsdfhlaksdfjbalskdfhliauwehr. so mad. i miss your herby smell. give kaden a hug for me.
p1 and p2- p3 speaking here. i hope your laundry talks ARE TERRIBLE without me. i am here and i am safe and i miss you both. preisler- take care of ahlberg for my district. be patient with that one kid in your one district. (we all know who were talking about here.) i cant believe how much i miss some people in our zone who i never thought i would miss. partridge- i am sending you a rather large hug. remember i love you. BE QUITELY DIGNIFIED. (can you hear me scoffing? knew it.) miss you both.

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