Monday, October 21, 2013

Transfer one!

First off- I GOT MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE! It takes literally a week for packages to get here Mom. (But you certainly pay the price for it. I almost threw up when I saw the postage.) I couldnt wait, I HAD to open it. .......whoops.
It was the HAPPIEST Birthday package ever. I got ALL my favorite treats. And my Alaskan gifts were PERFECT. A scarf in olive green and wool moose socks- you all know me too well. And the treats- OH. MY. GOSH. I am savoring the birthday cake oreos. But really, I feel SO spoiled. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
I can't believe transfers are this week- everything is FLYING by. Sometimes I feel like this experience isn't even real!
This week was one of many emotions- equal parts of crying, laughing, and smiling have occurred. (bipolar missionary problems)
We finally had the Halloween party, SUCCESS. I have never experienced such insanity in my life. I was put in charge of Team 7 which basically consisted of a few of my investigators and a million primary girls who called me 'Sister Cat'. And lets not forget the mentally disabled young woman who is OBSESSED with me. She pulled me by the hand the entire time. She is quite large and VERY strong, so you can imagine my frustration with her pushing and hitting and slapping me ad giving me Indian Burns during all the games. 
Sister Spencer and I dressed up as cats, and not to brag or anything but we definitely set a record for cheapest costume- SIXTY cents. *score* 
Also, we had ELEVEN investigators at the party. If that wasn't a miracle, then tell me what is.

(The cutest cats you've ever seen. Am I right, or am I right?)

On a more spiritual note, Minji got baptized this week! The Sunday was really rough, I won't lie. Minji and her mom came to church and something funky was happening, you could feel it in the air. Hongsoongmeen wasnt with them and they were supposed to get baptized TOGETHER. Turns out there was some family conflict over him recieving baptism. Minjis grandma and mother were in tears and in the blink of an eye, we were left, holding MInjis hand and assumed the role of mother.
This is where NO mission rules were in effect due to our current circumstances.
We taught a class of 6 year olds, jsut my companion and I.
MInji pulled me to the bathroom, without my companion. 
We colored pictures of baptism and on the back, the girl next to me drew a picture of me as a cat. She said "THIS IS CATE TEACHER." HA! I die. Korean kids are precious.
After church we were STILL stuck with Minji and her family was NOWHERE to be found. My companion and I were so confused. Our District Leader ended up baptizing her because her grandfather was nowhere to be found. We ended up having to help Minji undress and be put in her baptism dress. 
Basically, we jsut pretended like we werent missionaries for the entire day.
Fianlly, when the time roled around, her family NOWHERE to be found, my companion and I led her into the font and watched as she splashed and played in the water. WE DIED. I have never seen a kid be SO excited to recieve baptism. Elder Allen hepled her put her hands in the right place and dunked her twice but it was really difficult to get her to go completely under the water. My companion was standing next to me crying because her family was nowhere to be found in the crowd of priamry kids and the other eight missioanries in our ward.. I kept a smile on my face for my companion, knowing that i had to be her rock. But inside, my heart was breaking too. Just as we felt that our endeavors to baptize Minji were a complete dailure, her mom peeked through the crowd and grabbed her hand. There were many tears that were shed as she reached out for her mom and said "OMA!". She was dunked one last time and was completely immersed in the water. A sigh of relief was had throughout the entire room but was soon interrupted by MInjis cheers. SHe hugged Elder Allen and SWAM towards us. 
And that is the story of the time I became a little girls 'missionary'.
I was indescribably blissfully happy, watching her clean and new, swimming towards me, with the biggest MInji smile on her face. And I didn't even care if I didnt understand a word she was saying, I could so very clearly see the way she felt, and that was enough.

I love you all! So very very ridiculously much.
xo sister pappa

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