Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 27

This was the craziest week of my mission. I swear I have never been so busy
in my whole life. Us Sisters had to give up our apartment because its big
enough to fit all SIX of our Elders in it. Yes, our beautiful, flowered
wallpaper, clean and pretty girly apartment to a bunch of 18 year old boys
who can't even sew on a button let alone keep a living space clean. But
nonetheless, our new apartment is cozy and warm and even though my
companion and I have to sleep on the living room floor, its all good fun.
(Excluding the nastiness we had to sanitize for an ENTIRE THURSDAY. Don't
even get me started on the fridge. Like really, are ALL guys like this? And
us sisters are expected to MARRY one of them?!)
We also spent the entire Friday in 대전 for a meeting because Sister Spencer
is now Sister Training Leader. ALSO, another batpism for us! Sweet 홍승민 was
baptized on Sunday! We love that little boy and a re so excited that now
him AND his cousin Meenji are members of the church and have their "special
friend" the holy ghost, always with them.

My favorite investogators. We call them 'The Beasts' because they are
INSANE. My favorite girl is the cutie in the middle. Shes the sasssiest
person I have ever met. translation- Shes a lot like me, so we can be sassy
together, In two different languages!

One more baptism for Chumdeon Ward! 

(The tiny one in the front with the plaid skirt is the dang cutest thing I have ever met. She drew a bunch of
pumpkins in my planner during Primary and I about died. KOREAN KIDS ARE THE

Well I dont have much time this week to email, but know that I love you all
individually, I cannot sat it enough. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU.
XO Sister Pappa

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