Sunday, January 19, 2014

Still a missionary. What's new?

Transfer 4 began this week!
I cant believe that its started already actually. Last transfre was the slowest one ever but I feel like with our renewed circumstances, this transfer will go by a taaaaad bit faster.
Nothing much to report this week actually. I think that the most excited I felt all week was when the post office texted us to tell us that I had a package. (isnt korea so nice) and what shows up on my doorstep but a gigantic box from..... the mission office.... filled with book of mormons. sad.
honeslty im trying my very hardest to come up with anything interesting to say.
1/ we taught about a million lessons to members this week. one of them told me that my korean is getting better. so thats a plus.
2/ gyungho called me an idiot and then drew me a picture. (of a snake who just ate a bat- that required some serious translation) at the top in messy child kroean he wrote 사랑해. (i love you) i think this week i am going to ask his parents if i can adopt him.
3/ the dentist is progressing wonderfully! (although beautiful seoul girl dropped us cause she is going back to seoul. boooooo everything cool is iin seoul)
4/ i was sick for a few days this week. something funky is going around our mission
5/ my companion told us that the only way we are going to get someone batized this week is if a. the dentist comes through or b. 'We can just get someo\body excommunicated and then rebatpized.' shes hilarious.
i really must go, sorry this post/email was so horrible.
i love you all!!
-sister pappa

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