Sunday, January 12, 2014

Transfer 3: Done

I got transfer calls a bit early, and guess what?
Absolutely NOTHING is changing. Same companion. Same Elders. Same.... Naju. I had a few minutes with my Mission President to discuss my struggles lately in this area and the people I am surrounded by. He was a kind man for hearing me out and letting me know the reasons why he placed me where he did. At the end of the conversation, he let me know what was happenin with next transfer, and in a voice that was attempting to not reveal TOO much disappointment, I asked, 'So nothing is changing?' 'No.....'
I handed the phone to my companin after I managed to get the emotional energy to thank him and say goodbye. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and sobbed between spoonfuls of knock off frosted flakes. (and i dont even like forsted flakes...)
Needless to say, I will need all the strength I can get to do another transfer here. And on top of everything, with the pattern that President Shin seems to follow, since I will be cosenior next transfer, I will probably train after that. In... Naju. For atleast two transfers of training. Do you know what that means? If all goes as predicted...... THREE more transfers in Naju. Just, pray for me.
Aside from the obvious struggle I have been having, I have been SO swamped with mail and letters and 27 emails in my inbox this morning. On Thursday I recieved 4 letters and two packages, I seriously couldn't even contain myself with excitement. (and my ipod came! I am one happy gal.) If I dont have the greatest group of family members and friends, then WHO DOES?! Thank you to everyone.
A quick sumary of things that have happened over the week - (and last week as well)
We had the funniest moment of service with the random old guy out in the 시골 countryside. We were walking to a members house of course out in the middle of nowhere in a plethora of cornfields when we came across an ANCIENT man who was o so slowly putting a tarp over a piece of farm equipment that so properly matched his age. In my very best Korean, I approached the man and said 'Grandpa, do you  need help?' (for some reason in Korea its totally normal to call old people Grandma or Grandpa)
He beckoned us into his courtyard, where he gave us some traditonal Korean brooms and pointed us in the direction of a awning covering what looked like a smoker (dad, you would know better than i) a million bags of garlic, and a concrete floor which was covered in WHEAT. (or atleast we thought it was wheat.) We swept up a storm for a good twenty minutes, and by the end, I was so dirty and dusty but I felt SO good. Moral of the Story: When you help ancient toothless Korean men sweep their patios, you feel really happy.
We got THREE new investogators this week! One of them just so happened to be the dentist, which so graciously has fixed a stupid tooth problem Ive been having- for free. After the job was finished, he called us into his office for a cup of tea and told us a little about his religion, adn told us that he wants to learn more about ours. So apparently God needed my back molar to hurt so that this sweet dentist man could hear the gospel. you know what they say, God works in myseterious ways!
One of our strongest member referred her niece to us. We met her on Friday at the members house. The first thought that popped in my brain was 'This girl aint from Naju.' Of course she was from Seoul. I literally felt like I was in a Korean soap opera. She was wearing a grey cardigan and black tights with a mustard colored skirt. Her hair was in the cutest bob, framing her flawless skin and red lips. Oh excuse me, in this corner, with my grey skirt with a kimchi stain and my socks with holes in the heels. whatever, you beautiful korean, you.
She was SO. NICE. and the cutest thing in the world was that shes NOT interested in English and told us that she really wants to serve as a missionary for the church but thought she might wnt to know a little bit more about it before she makes the decision. Who does that?? HA! it was so innocnelty adorable that at first we wanted to laugh, but she was so sincere that our hearts melted and we fell in love with that sweet innocence and her desire to do good.
I hope that your weeks are full of wonderful moments,
i love you all!
sista pappa

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