Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 9, 2014

Your emails make me so happy. SO. happy. I loved all the pictures, and the stories, and the baby names(for cortney) you have picked out. I love that you guys give me a lot of strength, truly. I need it now more than ever. Seriously. I wish that I could provide you all with an email full of uplifting spiritual experiences right now but I dont think that lately Im in an environment which  produces a lot of those right now.
But this is what I came up with this week-
1/ I got the Easter Package and cried with joy. So many treats and surprises (although I did leaved the chocolate eggs on the floor over night and the only heat that is in Korea comes from the FLOOR. whoops... that was a fun mess to clean up.
2/ My companion had to get a wart burned off her foot (and needed to go to the hospital for that?) and I had the cutest little conversation in Korean with the litle girl.
'Hi! How old are you?'
'Im 5.'
'Your hair is pretty. Whats your name?'
'somethingsomething (cant remember)'
'Im Sister Pappa! Im a missionary!'
'Oh.' (and she comes over to touch my tag.)
' you have a husband?'
'no, im not married.'
'well, do you have kids?'
'well, do you have a MOM?'
'Yes, I have a mom.'
'whats her name?'
'ooooh... di.ane. mom! this is sister pappa! she has a mom, and her name is diane!'
It was the cutest thing in the world and giggled during the whole thing. I love when Koreans ask about my family. It makes me really happy. Speaking of, I told Mom and Dad's precious conversion story to the Gospe Principles class at church and an old lady in the branch asked if grandmother was American Indian. umm.... no. I asked her if I have an American Indian face and she was like YES. She needs to go google what American Indians look like. It was hilarious.
3/ There is this sweet Phillipino woman in our ward. I want to tell you guys something realy sad about Korean culture. If there is a man who can;t find a wife based off of social, economical and any other standards, they actually PURCHASE one from the Phillipines. These men are really horrible to their wives, and I actualluy thik that abuse is generally involved. Its horrible.
Sister S. in our ward is an example. Her husbadn, though a member, treats her horribly (so ive heard). They had a little disable son who needed constant care due to a respiratory problem he was having, and one afternoon during a time where Sister S.'s husband was supposed to be watching him, the little boy had a breathing complication due to lack of care because the husband took a nap, and the boy passed away. When I heard this story my heart broke. I couldnt bear to think of being Sister S. Her strength is such an example to me.
Anyway, she has been on my mind a lot lately. I think the other members dont really pay too much attentio to her cause she doesnt speak a ton of Korean, but I decided this week that I would study and pray for her to find some answers. I miraculoulsy came across a talk that was given in ovember 2012 conferenece about losing children in this life. I printed it off inTagolag and leftit at her door. I feel grateful to have been a toll in the Lords hands in helping one of his daughters.
This month I hit NINE months left! Almost halfway done. Im not going to lie, Im looking forward to the end. Maybe I wont feel like that when the finish line is closer but I feel grateful to have served a lot of people and to have been the Lords missionary for a while now. This expereiecne has been a blessing. I dont think that any part of is has been easy but I feel I have learned a lot of lessons from the expereience.
I love you, oh so very much.

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