Sunday, April 27, 2014

I ate a lot of creepy meat this week.

Great way to start off an email, right? But really, I ate a lot of weird meats.
1. Lots of intestine. Lots. We went to a meat buffet.
2. A cow..... hole. (How do I make that NOT vulgar?) which is technically the alrge intestine but I thought I would give it its own number anyway. An Elder brought it over to us at the meat buffet last P Day. And... I ate it. It was really chewy.
3. Pig intestines stuffed with intestiney stuff, swimming in a soup of fire water with....
4. PIG EARS. Also very chewy.
And there you have it! The week of weird meat eating. Great experience.
I went into a cafe this week that a member took us to. It literally looked exactly like our house. They gave us citrus tea and Jack Johnson was playing. I wanted to die. it was the most tempting thing in the world. Sometimes I wonder how I survive without music.
We made paper dolls for this cutie little 6 year old that we teach.She is precious. We are teaching her mother the gospel. Her American name is Sally. She is progressing really well and she loves the missionaries. We are hoping that we can get a baptismal date with her soon and help her on the path to God.
Our District is doing a fasting project this transfer where a member of the district fasts each week. It was my week and we showed up at a members house to a big batch of homeade soup. Which the member decided to feed to just my companion. I serioulsy thought I was going to die. HOWEVER, my groaning quickly changed to stifled giggles when the member handed my companion a bowl of the NASTIEST looking soup I ahve ever seen. My companion whispered to me, 'this looks like cement.' Who is grateful to be fasting NOW? My hands are up.....
We did a really great prosleyting activity with the ditrcit in the dowtown shopping area of junjoo. it was INSANE. Here are 3 funny happening from that day-
1. I told a teenage boy that his waffle looked really delicious and then he proceeded to try to feed it to me. Um, no.
2. A scandalous Vietnamese woman jsut came up to me and asked if she could take a picture with me.
3. A reaaaaaally drunk guy tried to hug me. Also no.
We DID get a few phone numbers from some people taht were interested in learning English thought! At the same time I really hate treaching English as a misisoanry. I use to really like it when I was a greenie because I felt like I was doing something but now that my teaching skills are a tad bit better I really just want to teach the gospel.
Also! Yesterdya we were at a sweet grandmas house that we found this week by knocking doors and she was watching a Korean drama on her TV. When she got up to go get some apples my companion and I sorta gave in for ten seconds and watched 15 seconds ... and we uncerstood EVERY. WORD. it was the most bizarre expereicne. we looked at each other with our jaws dropped. Crazy inderstanding moment. Kassey, be reasy for lots of Korean dramas when I get home.
Love you all! I hope that you had a wodnerful Easter!
xo sister kelsey pappa
Pictures: Its totally tacky but me and Elder Hill found all these filters on our cameras 
and its the closest thing I have to IG, so I used a few this week. 
They're kinds fun, I guess.

Someone hanging out their TaeKwon Do Uniform. I thought this was so cute.
 The Elders and us messing with our cameras.They are so happy and are always making us laugh.
 Riding the bus with my usual proselyting stuff.
 The Cherry Blossoms are still out.
 This baby in our ward that always looks so distressed.
 A former investigator had this beautiful litter of kittens. 
One of them has two different colored eyes which totally reminded me of Karissa Winterton.
 (who emailed me today by the way! gosh, i miss her.)

 There are flowers EVERYWHERE.
 A GIANT bug we found at our investigators apt. Welcome to Summer in Asia.
There are still lanterns all over this city.
 A Failed Attempt at trying to photograph what kinds of things members send us home with.
 In American you get leftovers and cookies.
 In Korea you get.... a TURNIP. just... a turnip.

An adorable kid teaching me taekwondo. It was adorable.

 My posture is horrible in this picture 
but this is after out intestine soup date with a few members in our ward. 
The woman next to me is an ANGEL. 
She is a single mom in very humble circumstances,
 but everytime we leave her house our arms are full of things she gave us. Her name is Sister Yoon.
 The Vietnamese Girl. I look so disgusting next to her.
Our investigator left for BYU today!
 She is in the foreign exchange program. 
We are sad that we didnt get to see her be baptized but we are hoping something will happen at BYU.

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