Monday, April 7, 2014

This Week Some Miracles Happened

This week was better. Not because the circumstances were better, but because the Lord blessed me with a lot of miracles, mostly just small changes in my outlook but changes nonetheless. Sometimes change is acutally a miracle in and of itself.
First off, was the PACKAGE I recieved in the mail. Like seriously you guys, Im being spoiled out of my mind. It came at the most perfect of all perfect times. President Shin had just come for itnerviews a few days earlier, my companion and I had just (the day earlier) had the worst fight of all fights, (if you want to call it a fight. It was more like my companion yelling at me and me crying) It came as we were in the middle of a call with our Sister Leader. My companion was on the phone with her in another room, I took the spare 20 minutes to ditract myself and open up the box. I literally was so overjoyed I didnt even know what to do with myself. Seriously. So happy. Thank you a million. To put all this in simpler terms, the package came on a day where I REALLY needed it- a day where one of the few things my companion said to me was "I HATE YOU'... ouch. Love from home needed. I wore Romas dress and my new short at the same time, it made me feel a little bit closer to home.
That night, after a reaaaal rough day, I was sitting at my desk. My companion was on the phone with someone, gossipping about me, taking no thought to speak quielty. I knew she was doing it to hurt me, and the worst part is that now that Im actually starting to understand better so I knew a lot of what she was saying. So I was sitting at my desk, miraculously sort of numb to it all. I hae made it through the whole day with a hard shell, and as I sat there at my desk listening to 'Come Come Ye Saints' I stared at our family picture on my desk and was suddenly so overwhelmed with joy. This sounds so weird but it was one of the most englightening moments I've ever had. I listened to the words, 'All is Well, All is Well' and actually felt the Spirit testifying that truth to me. It felt so good, looking at your faces and know that it was all ok. One day this won't matter anymore. In 9 months I'll be on a plane home, with a heart full of good experiences and a beautiful family welcoming me at the end of that escalator. All was well. All was seriously... well.
We've been working with a less active member in our ward, the one who I was able to talk about baptismal convenenats with. We think we FINALLY found a way to get her to really gain a personal testimony of the gospel- temple work! Her parents passed away and we had a really great conversation with her about doing work for her family. Becuase she is interested now, she has been bringing her less active son to church so that he can baptize her father. So. Precious. There truly is a way that we can reach out and help EVERY person we meet, we just have to look around and find the answers.
I love you all sooooooooooo much!
love, Sister Kelsey Pappa
ps its spring in Naju and the cherry blossom trees are UNREAL. I will try and get some pictures of them this week.

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