Saturday, August 16, 2014

June 9. 2014.

Im gonna be really honest, I didn't prepare very well for this email. In fact, I thought I could just sit down and conveniently have all the week brought to my remembrance but the only thing that I remembered was the fact that I saw a pug in a store window two days ago and almost peed my pants.
First pug I've seen in Korea folks. Also, that chichuahua picture? That fine little fellow was sitting next to him. Imagine to pure joy. Just imagine it.
And there you have it! A great week.
random note:
 KASSEY!!! My little 16 year old sister is graduated. I can't believe that. Just wanted to shout out to you. Im proud of you. So. proud.
end side note.
We've been meeting with this hilarious potential investogaor quite a bit lately. Her name is Misook and she lived in Georgia for 10 years but now is back in America. Just picture the attitude, accent and sass of a Southern Black woman and put it in an Asian's body. The first time we met her she was buying fruit and shouted at us "hey! you guys da mo'muns?!" chain smoker rasp and all. we died.
she has a really rough life and we want to be able to share the gospel with her so badly but she isnt too open to that at the moment. we are hoping that slow and steady wins the race.
Right now our ward is organizing a Mini MTC activity. So frustrating. Im just gonna end right there. Our Ward Mission Leader requests so much fun that you'd think we were planning a 4 year olds bday party. The best we could come up with was having Elder Kunzler dress up like Joseph Smith. Sacriligious? We don't know....
Sorry there aren't very many pictures, and that this email is really short. My time is almost up!
Love you all.

1. This member told us this week that we are her best friends. It melted our hearts. She is precious.
2. I have so many pictures on my camera of fonts that I like. Its an artist problem I guess.
3. I look at this picture a lot and it makes me so happy. He looks so bored.
4. PUG. nuff said.

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