Saturday, August 16, 2014

June 15. 2014.

I think I have gained like 15 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Reason-
About 6 large families in our ward decided to go to Costco together and bought many, several, and A LOT of pies. Like, we're talking like 3 pies per family. The only probelm is that none of these fmailies have ever tried pie before, and since Koreans think that anything that isnt kimchi or fish is too sweet, they all came home to discover that NONE of them like pie. So what do 6 families do with approzimately 18 pies? give it to the 5 Americans in the ward of course.
..... the appoitment with sister hoang started with a plate of SIX pieces of pie.
We finally finished our Mini MTC!!! The missionaries in our ward planned for hours and hours and hours for that thing. It turned out really well, although we are still trying to help the members learn how to teach with us. Its really hard to want to bring a member to a lesson when they bring up things like polygamy or the endowment session or just share their entire conversion story and bawl through the whole thing. .... and they wonder why investigators drop us after member lessons? yikes. we gotta help these people.
Other happenings from the week:
1. The stake presdient mentioned in his talk that I cna write in Korean really well. It made me blush. I have no idea what it had to do with anything cause I honestly wasnt listening to the rest of it but afterwards all these members were asking me about it. Sorry, I just bragged for myself.
2. A kid sneezed on my foot during Sacrament meeting.
3. Sister King and I are really struggling with this one investogator who we dont know how to help. We have been praying a lot oabout it but if you could please pray as well, we really need help on this one.
4. A cockraoch crawled across my desk while I was studying this week. I HATE ASIAN BUGS.
5. I GOT MY CHIA SEED PACKAGE!!! Mom, all the Cracklin Oat Bran is already gone. I love the treats. And the shoes. And everything. Thank you for always sending me stuff. (also, Im so sorry.... but..... im.... almost out of toothpaste again..... ummm.... ya. im sorry :/)
Today we are having a Sisters activity and Sister Arvanitas and her companion are coming into Jeonjoo to play! Were eating this gross Korean dessert that I hate but everyone else loves (its beans and ice cream.... someone tell me why that sounds appealing at all) and we are going into this really cool Korean traditional village in Jeonjoo. (ive been once before)
i love you all. thanks for all the love and support.
miss you!
jeonjoo zone. 

i love jeonjoo. im never leaving. ever.


sweaty zone activity. we're not allowed to do anything with the elders so get this. all like 35 of them played ultimate frisbee for like 2 hours and then it was the sisters turn. all 6 of us attempted to play while they all watched us. it was so embarrassing and we were just laughing the whole time.

i think that this bridge is beautiful.

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