Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10

Onyonghasayo!!!!! (I cant spell anything in English thats supposed to be in Korean.)
This week has been one of the greatest, truly. Winter is in full swing here in Gwangju and the winter coats have been pulled off the hangers. This morning Sister Spencer and I went hiking with two sisters in our ward and we nearly froze our ears off. Oh the things I do for my companion! Being selfless is something that I am painfully growing into as a missionary.
This week I present you with-
A Miracle: Sister Spencer and I were printing pictures in a photography studio today ( so to Grandma, Mom, Kassey, Sista Marquis and whoever else I sent letters to this week- expect a photo of this girls face to hang on your fridge! ;)) A man and a 19 yeard old boy walked in to get school pictures taken and he points to our naetags and says in English- BOOK OF MORMON, I KNOW! (who does that?) He apparently had met with the Elders in high school and he loved it. Now 25 years ago, him and his nephew want to meet with us again! It was a random miracle and we hoping that he will be receptive to the message which we are going to hare with them. 
An Exciting Piece of News that I totally forgot to share last week: President Shin informed us last week that the NY TIMES has contacted our mission and would like to do a special article on the sister missionaries here. They picked our forgotten little Daejeon Mission out of ALL in the world! We feel so excited and cant wait for them to come in December. We have no idea what they are going to do, but just know that if you see my face in the NY Times, its totally normal.
A Message for Jessie Honeycutt: I thought of you while I was standing in the Spam Aisle at Emart the other day. Just thought you should know. I love you, you red headed little-sistered-best-friend. 
A Moment where my father would be very proud of me: Our drain in the bathroom clogged today. THE FLOOR drain. (Korean bathrooms are horrible. And don't even get me started on the caulk jobs around the bathtub and toilet. HORRIBLE.) All our sisters were like 'just call a plumber' and I was like UH UH you city girls. (as i laughed to myself that Im quite a city girl myself.) but before I hopped in the shower that morning, I rolled up my sleeves and tore the drain apart, discovered the problem, and have gave myself a big pat on the back. As I triumphantly emerged from the bathroom, my companion gasped and said HOW DID YOU FIX THAT and I, chin up declared "I FIXED IT BECAUSE I AM A PAPPA." Dad, I could hear you cheering for me halfway across the world. Like father, Like daughter.
Speaking of city girls, we were eating dinner at the Bishops house last night and we were eating a rather large fish. We were told it was called ''meeno'' and another sister gasps and says to me ''Sister Pappa! He is speaking Konglish (a mix of Korean and English) and is saying we are eating MINNOWS. *face palm* Sister Harless, Do you know how small a minnow is?! I DIE. 
A note on the diet that I have had recently: I discovered TUNA FISH in this country. My companion hates the smell and it reminds me of basically my entire childhood of my siblings complaining everytime I opened a can of tuna. Also, its ORANGE season in Korea. We can eat 30 in one day. EASY. Its basically the ony thing we eat in our apartment.
Something to make you laugh: MIssionaries even think about missionary work in their sleep. It never leaves our brains. An Elder in my district told me his recent dream while we were waiting in the Immigration office to update our foreigner cards-
"Sister Pappa, I was in Hogwarts and I was calling people up to the front of the great hall and laying my hands on heir heads to sort them into the three kingdoms ."
........oh my gosh, Elder Hughes. That's hilarious.
To add to the collection, I had a stressful dream the other night that I was walking down a hallway, completely by myself (so, weird.) and the hallway was endless and lined with hundreds and hundreds of computers. I JUST WANTED TO CHECK MY EMAIL. One problem- It wasnt P Day. It was the classic devil on the left and angel on the right-
...Just check it, Sister Spencer isnt here.
It was a nightmare but I am proud to say that I FOLLOWED THE RULES. Even in my sleep.
In other news, I found out this week that my favroite flavor of Ramen is BOILED COW BONE. If that doesnt make you want ot vomit then tell me what does. Neverthless, it still is my favorite. 

This week was great, and the hard work pays off. My mission has taught me SO much and continues to teach me more and more each day.
I love you all!!
xo sista pappa

We carried this chair all the way home. "If its free you take it" -Kelsey Mother

The adventures of the white missioanies riding the bus

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